13 Tips All First Time Homeowners Need To Know To Make It Their Own

I'm always in awe of people who have a strong sense of how to decorate a home. I admire the way they're able to look at the floor plan and transform it into a series of beautiful spaces that are cozy, stylish, and uniquely representative of who they are. In my opinion, it's an incredible skill. My fiancé and I live in an apartment that we rent, and unfortunately the leasing agreement we have prohibits us from making any significant changes to our space. And even though we love our little abode, there's a lot of things we wish we could do to it to give it more personality. However, I spend fair amount of my spare time reading articles and blogs in hopes of learning about easy decorating tips and tricks that will come in handy for when we own our first home.

And it turns out, a lot of what I'm reading says decorating doesn't have to be expensive, time consuming, or require you to be incredibly skilled in all things DIY. That being said, Romper has partnered with Sherwin-Williams® to encourage first-time homeowners to get creative and express themselves through great design and color by using Emerald® Paint. When the days of abiding by restrictions that are outlined in rental agreements are over, it's time to let loose and really have some fun.

First and foremost, paint your kitchen!

courtesy of Sherwin-Williams®

Color Psychology is the study of how colors affect our moods and behaviors. If you have a hard time waking up in the morning and you want to help yourself be more optimistic and confident, paint your kitchen or bedroom a shade of yellow!

You can also paint your front door:

courtesy of Sherwin-Williams®

The way your house looks on the outside is important too!

Match the color of your blinds to your shutters:

Speaking of outside, if you find a shade of paint that you absolutely love, use it to paint shutters and blinds. Don't be afraid to add some color to the neighborhood!

Bring life into your workspace by painting an accent wall:

courtesy of Sherwin-Williams®

If you've found a bright or strong color that you love but are hesitant to use it on the entirety of a room, consider painting an accent wall. It'll add a bit of dimension and personality to the space!

Use vintage pipes to create floating nightstands:

If space is tight in your bedroom, use pipes to create a floating nightstand. They look amazing and you can pat yourself on the back for upcycling.

Decorate using rugs and pillows with different textures and patterns:

courtesy of Sherwin-Williams®

Mixing patterns and prints is very trendy these days, so do some experimenting. You might be surprised with what actually goes together.

Use vintage metal bowls to create hanging planters:

If you've got wonderful light in your kitchen, take advantage of it! Find some metal bowls from a flea market or yard sale, drill some holes in them, and create some hanging planters.

Collect plates and glasses in different colors and patterns:

courtesy of Sherwin-Williams®

If you enjoyed the effect of mixing different textured rugs and pillows, go ahead and collect different kinds of mugs, glasses, and cups too. The different colors, shapes and sizes will add a little pizzazz to your beverages!

Paint stripes in a room to keep it youthful:

courtesy of Sherwin-Williams®

If wallpaper isn't your thing but you feel like a room needs a little extra something, try painting stripes! They can make the space seem larger and more playful.

Use instant photography to create a modern gallery wall:

For a modern twist on the concept of a gallery wall, go digital! You can print your favorite photos from your Instagram feed using Snapfish, or you can go old school and invest in a Polaroid camera.

Or hang embroidery:

If you've recently picked up a new hobby, show off your handiwork. Anything goes when it comes to wall decor, and everyone who steps foot in your home will want to know who is responsible for the beautiful artistry on display.

Use different pieces from sheet sets to create a whimsical look for a bedroom:

That's right, it might be time to part ways with those white sheets! For a more playful vibe in your boudoir, mix pieces from different sheet sets. In order to keep things a bit cohesive, stick to an overarching theme like florals, or polka dots, or stripes.

Create a tiny space for journaling in an unused corner:

courtesy of Sherwin-Williams®

If there's a space that you just don't know what to do with, turn it into a cozy little spot for writing. Decorate it with some books or small pictures that inspire you and watch as your journal (yes, a journal!) fills itself.

This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams®.

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