13 Traditional Boy Names That Work Perfectly For Girls, So Take That Stereotypes

by Maggie May Ethridge

One of my favorite parts of pregnancy has been choosing a name for my future child. With my last baby, my partner and I fell in love with the name Ever but were a little nervous as it’s traditionally more of a boy’s name. After all, we didn’t want her to get picked on by peers or resent us in her teen years. Eventually, we realized that it shouldn’t matter. Boy names that work just as well for girls are a satisfying combination of strength and beauty; these monikers cross the gender line without ever looking back.

Names have a history as a boy’s name and are now being used as a girl’s name, like James and Cassidy, are coming on strong. Maybe it has something to do with the renewed feminist movement — we are open to stronger names without feminine bells and whistles. Even North, a name that has been mocked to the heavens and back because of the combination of North West, is really a beautiful, simple name that works for baby boys and girls. So if you’re looking to take a walk on the untraditional side when it comes to naming your future, consider these exceptionally awesome traditional boys’ names that work just as well for girls.



James may bring about thoughts of fitted suits and shaken martinis, but it can also be a very empowering name for a girl. Not to mention Blake Lively named her daughter James, so you know it’s on-trend.



Traditionally a Scottish boy’s name, Milla Jovovitch names her daughter Ever. The name rang so beautifully, that I tucked it into my mind and, years later, I named my own daughter Ever.



Looks who’s stealing the throne. Although Reagan means “son of a small ruler,” it has recently gained popularity as a girl’s name, and is the perfect choice for your little princess.



Chandler is traditionally a French boy’s name which means “the maker of candles”, but there’s no reason it can’t work for a girl.



Robin Wright named her daughter Dylan, which means “born near the sea.” This is the perfect moniker for future beach babies.



Madison has been a popular male name in, but that’s starting to change. Since 2004, Madison has been one of the top ten names for girls in United States. Talk about a takeover.



Take a cue from Jessica Simpson, who named her daughter Maxwell. Even shortened to Max or Maxxie, this name is great for a little girl with a lot of spunk.



Meaning “ally” or “friend”, there are more than a few famous female Dakotas in the world, including Dakota Fanning and Dakota Johnson.



While Peyton means “nobleman” in Latin, this charming name is more commonly used as a girl’s name these days.



Rowan means “from the Rowan tree” and was what Brooke Shields names her daughter. A fine name that gets tons of positive feedback on name websites, Rowan sounds perfect for a boy or a girl.



Lane is traditionally a boy’s name, but is used beautifully as a girl’s name. It can be spelled Laine for a slightly more feminine take.



Blake Lively is the perfect example of carrying a traditionally boy name into a new, female generation. She’s smart, lovely, strong and independant– just like her name.



In 2014 there were more girl Elliots than boys, so this name is climbing fast. A name with a ton of moxie, Elliot is the perfect mix of unique yet traditional.

Images: Courtesy of Peasap/Flickr; Giphy (13)