13 Ugly Christmas 2018 Sweaters That Are Actually Cute


Tacky Christmas sweaters are an integral part of Christmas. Whether you're headed to an ugly sweater party or you simply want to wear something obnoxiously festive for Christmas morning, finding the perfect look is all about balance. In other words, it's gotta be cheesy enough to make people laugh, yet not so tacky that people get a headache looking at you. I get it, and that's why I've rounded up these 15 ugly Christmas sweaters that are actually kind of cute. They're still gaudy enough to people's eyes, but not quite heinous enough to be an eyesore.

Of course, cute is a relative term. In my opinion, a Christmas sweater should never be so "cute" that you could get away with wearing it (or something comparable) outside of December. Massive animal faces, sequins, pom-poms, tassels – they all fall into this category. While your perfectly-tacky-but-not-overly-so sweater will obviously be the star of the show, I'm a huge fan of completing any Christmas ensemble with a few equally merry accessories: think bright red lips, metallic gold flats, or an oversized bow in your hair. Christmas is the ultimate time to embrace your inner child, and subtlety is not the name of the game.

Without further ado, these are some of the best tacky yet somehow adorable sweaters of this season.

1Women's Oh Snap Gingerbread Ugly Sweater

Women's Oh Snap Gingerbread Ugly Sweater

Well Worn

The only thing better than a deliciously tacky Christmas sweater is a deliciously tacky Christmas sweater with a silly pun.

2Women's Christmas Light Strand Sequin Sweater Dress

Women's Christmas Light Strand Sequin Sweater Dress

Tipsy Elves

This sweater dress falls under the "ugly Christmas sweater" category thanks to the in-your-face sequin Christmas lights and the fact that you'd never wear it outside of the season... yet it's cute enough that you'll feel like a total knockout wearing it.

3Llama Print Christmas Sweater

Llama Print Christmas Sweater

New Look

Anything with a llama on it is automatically cute. That's just simple science.

4Ugly Christmas Maternity Sweater

Ugly Christmas Maternity Sweater

Motherhood Maternity

Every piece of clothing is cuter with a baby bump, but this ugly Christmas sweater is particularly darling with an oversized gold bow.

5Snowman Knitted Sweater

Snowman Knitted Sweater


This gray snowman sweater is just tacky enough without being a total eyesore. The snowman on this cozy sweater features three-dimensional detailing that is only acceptable around Christmas time.

6All My Jingle Ladies Ugly Christmas Sweater

All My Jingle Ladies Ugly Christmas Sweater


How ugly can anything be if it has Bey on it? This sweater from Etsy vendor LiirkandCo comes in 12 different colors and is handmade to order.

7Feliz Navidog Ugly Christmas Sweater

Feliz Navidog Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tipsy Elves

Christmas, dogs, and wordplay... it's truly an unbeatable combination.

8Tinsel Christmas Cardigan

Tinsel Christmas Cardigan


This knit cardigan screams Christmas in the best way. It has an allover tinsel design, colorful pom poms, and flashing LED lights – throw it over your favorite LBD or skinny jeans and you're all set.

9Sunglasses Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

Sunglasses Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater


He's not a regular Santa, he's a cool Santa. This swaggy Santa sweater features sequined sunglasses, a sequined hat, and scattered rhinestones so you sparkle all party long.

10Ugly Christmas Gingerbread House Dress

Ugly Christmas Gingerbread House Dress

Born Famous

Nine times out of 10, I'll choose a dress just to avoid wearing pants. This gingerbread house dress is delightfully tacky with pom poms across the chest and bold pattern, yet somehow still looks adorable with tights.

11Hangin' Loose Light Up Sweatshirt

Hangin' Loose Light Up Sweatshirt


Santa doesn't always hang out in a winter wonderland. This plus-size ugly sweater has a tropical take, and you're sure to stand out.

12Light Up Get Lit Ugly Christmas Sweater

Light Up Get Lit Ugly Christmas Sweater


Perfect for late-night Christmas shenanigans, this "Get lit" sweater actually lights up along the outline of the Christmas tree.

13Gangsta Wrapper Ugly Christmas Sweater

Gangsta Wrapper Ugly Christmas Sweater


Proud of your incredible gift wrapping skills? Boast a little with this "Gansta Wrapper" pullover from Etsy.

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