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13 Unusual Ways To Rebuild The Love In Your Relationship

by Lindsay E. Mack

In the early days of a good relationship, you and your partner may be obnoxiously in love. An endless stream of flirty texts flows between you, and even the most simple date night can feel electrifying and exciting. But once you've been together for a while, it's easy to let these loving feelings slide as mortgages, careers, and childcare take center stage. With that said, you don't have to surrender all romance just yet. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you can embrace the unusual ways to rebuild the love in your relationship. After all, you and your partner deserve the chance to remember why you fell in love in the first place.

In a long-term relationship, there are many reasons you may need to rebuild your foundation of love and understanding. In the event of an affair or other breech of trust, repairing the damage is crucial. But even the most stable relationships may need a boost of love over time. For instance, when a couple has lived together for many years, it's easy to fall into a routine in which your partner feels more like a roommate than a love interest. In any case, most relationships will benefit from some emotional tune-ups from time to time, and these tips can help you reignite the romance.


Engage In Touch

Kissing and cuddling aren't just preludes to sex. As noted in WebMD, couples who touch often may feel more connected. Simply holding hands or hugging throughout the day may help you and your SO feel closer.


Celebrate Rituals

In the midst of your busy schedules, it's important to make time to connect throughout the week. By having your own rituals, such as a shared breakfast every morning or special date night every week, you can work to strengthen your bond, according to Reader's Digest. Even watching a show together that sparks lively discussion may bring you closer.


Make 'Em Laugh

Often times, the couple who laughs together stays together. As explained in Your Tango, sharing a moment of humor can help ease the tension in even the most strained relationship. Having a laugh is also a great way to de-escalate from a tense moment.


Play Together

A sense of playfulness can enliven any partnership. According to Psych Central, couples who have fun together can easily reignite their bond. Visit an arcade or play a game where the floor is lava — whatever works for you and your SO.


Share Gratitude

Gratitude awareness is something of a trendy topic of late, and you can embrace it for your relationship. As noted by Psychology Today, couples who have gratitude for one another tend to generate a cycle of generosity in their relationship. When you're grateful for another person, you're more likely to show how much you value their presence in your life.


Flirt A Little

When was the last time you flirted with your partner? Even once you're in a committed relationship, it's smart to keep those fires stoked with some flirty banter, as noted in Good Therapy. A little innuendo never hurt.


Treat Your Partner Like A Stranger

Here's an unusual approach. According to Redbook, you can give your partner the same respect and courtesy you would afford an intriguing stranger. If this feels far-fetched, then treat your partner with the same politeness you would give a guest in your home.


Try Something New

Sure, there's nothing wrong with having a go-to spot for date night. But breaking out of your routine can be especially invigorating. According to Psychology Today, when you try new things together, the excitement from the novel experience can boost your happiness with the relationship. Going skydiving or taking a dance class together can keep things interesting.


Split Chores Fairly

It's odd but true: a sink full of dirty dishes can inspire spite like nothing else. On the flip side, working together to maintain your household can have surprising results. According to a 2016 study in the Journal of Marriage and Family, couples who split housework more evenly reported more active sex lives. Grabbing a mop may be the easiest way to reignite the spark in your relationship.


List Your Likes

OK, this may sound cheesy, but the best relationships often make room for a bit of mushyness now and then. According to Greatist, making a list of what you like about one another can be a powerful tool for getting out of a negativity rut. It's also a great confidence booster for you both.


Work Out With One Another

There's nothing like a good sweat session to bring you and your partner together. And as explained in Psychology Today, couples who work out together may experience better communication skills, perhaps thanks in part to the brain-boosting effects of exercise. What's more, it's usually easy to talk about almost anything when your endorphins are pumping.


Call On Time

Rebuilding trust and love doesn't have to rely on huge gestures. In fact, simply calling when you say you'll call and following up with other promises is a simple way to reestablish affection, according to the Huffington Post. Such stability is crucial for a loving relationship.


Revisit The Past

Sure, you and your SO want to work through whatever has caused you to drift apart, so you don't want to revisit the bad parts of the past. But it can be helpful to remember why you fell in love in the first place by recreating experiences similar to your first dates, as noted in Lifescript. Visiting the same types of restaurants you used to enjoy, as well as indulging in other early-relationship activities, may bring you closer together and reignite the love.