13 Valentine's Day Gifts For Grown-Ass Women Who Can Buy Their Own Chocolate

If you hadn’t noticed, Valentine’s Day swag is everywhere. And it’s been everywhere for weeks already! It seems like every year, holiday preparations begin earlier and earlier. But who wants to buy a box of heart-shaped chocolates an entire month in advance? Better yet, who wants to get a box of stale heart-shaped chocolates? Rather than gifting your favorite gal with the standard flowers or chocolate, why not branch out and give her a gift she’ll actually use. With a little bit of preparation and these glorious Valentine's Day gifts for grown-ass women, you can be sure to wow the woman in your life.

Although it might be easier to lean back and go the traditional route (because let’s face it, you can pick up flowers and chocolate at any shop on Feb. 14), going the extra mile and doing a little bit of extra research can reap you big rewards. Too easily, Valentine’s Day can become a day full of stress, and defining the relationship. Without diving into territory too deep, you can still show your affection. The best part? All of these gifts are perfect for girlfriends, best friend, sisters, moms, and everyone in between. Whether your favorite girl is sassy and she knows it, or she’s in need of a little rest and relaxation, this list has it all. So scroll away, my gift givers, and don’t be afraid of the lovey-dovey holiday.


For The Member Of Your Girl Gang

Got a girl gang? Gift all your friends with this awesome Forever Girl Gang sweatshirt ($48) and show your love every time you wear it.


For The Social Butterfly

Instead of wooing your lady with actual love potion, why not try this adorable love potion iPhone case ($32) instead?


For The Girl On The Go

Every girl on the go needs a backup charger, make her think of you every time she plugs in this portable hearts charger ($30).


For The Sophisticated Woman

Know a girl who needs help unwinding at the end of the day? Try gifting her one of these wine-themed candles ($28), made from recycled wine bottles.


For The One Who Knows Her Identity

The perfect gift for your favorite grown ass lady? This hilarious grown-ass lady mug ($18) is good for coffee, tea, and everything in between. (Because she does what she wants.)


For The Cross Country Love

These long distance mugs ($35) are perfect for any long-distance relationship, be it romantic or otherwise. Let your lady know you're thinking of her each time you use the mug.


For The Woman In The Rain

I'm forever losing umbrellas. My nondescript black numbers seem to get swiped left and right. What's a grown ass lady need? A stand out way to keep dry in the rain. This crimson heart umbrella ($38) won't be confused for anyone else's umbrella, that's for sure.


For The One In Need of R&R

Let your lady treat herself with this tranquil bubble bath mixture ($38), which smells like peony and white lily. Mmm.


For The Photo-Taking Fiend

Give her something to remember you by, a photograph! Not just any photograph. A polaroid. The Fujifilm instax mini ($64) is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to create memories.


For The #GirlBoss

This gorgeous leather laptop sleeve ($125) is perfect for your favorite girl boss, it's sleek, chic, and stunningly soft.


For The Night Owl

Hook your favorite night owl up with this carpe noctem pillow ($55). It's an adorable addition to any bed, sofa, or pillow collection — not to mention, it's got a little double entendre going on.


For The Homebody

You know what grown-ass ladies love? Relaxing. Help your lady out by gifting her this cozy DKNY robe ($78), which is perfect for year-round use.


For The Health Junkie

Grown-ass ladies take care of themselves, and who doesn't love a fun way to get in those eight glasses of water everyday? Give her a reusable BKR water bottle ($28) in a fun color, and she'll think of you every time she takes a sip.