13 Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Best Friends Because Who Deserves A Present More Than Them?

Valentine's Day was so much better in elementary school, am I right? You could easily give your crush a card without looking overly eager, forge a truce with candy hearts, and give a a Valentine's Day gifts for your best friends that truly showed you loved them.

Then, somewhere along the maturation time line, Valentine's Day became about solely one person: you're significant other. This makes sense. The day is meant to honor lovebirds. Of course the most important Valentine's Day gift you'll buy is for your actual Valentine. But what about all of the other people you love? Shouldn't you celebrate them, too?

This Feb. 14, don't forget about your other soulmates: your BFFs. On a holiday that's all about mushy movies, love songs and the color pink, it makes sense to celebrate with your girls. Leslie Knope had it right when she coined "Galentine's Day." Get the gang together, go out to brunch and take this cold, February day as an opportunity to remind your friends just how much you love them.

Since the day is marketed for significant others, finding good Valentine's Day themed gifts for your buddies is more challenging. (Although I doubt anyone would ever be opposed to receiving a box of chocolates, whether they be from a lover, a friend, a family member or honestly maybe even from a stranger.) If you're looking for the perfect present for your besties that still feel Valentine inspired, check out these awesome ideas below.


For Your Super Sweet Friend

Confetti Print Wallet, $33, Kate Spade

This Kate Spade wallet in the confetti heart print is almost as sweet as she is.


For Your Practical Friend

Heart Socks, $9, J. Crew

You can never have too many socks. For your most practical pal, who's all about useful gifts, get these J. Crew heart socks — you know she'll use them.


For Your Chardonnay-Crazy Friend

Cut Out Heart Stopper, $7, Amazon

This Valentine-themed wine stopper is the perfect gift for the girl who has has a bottle open in the fridge.


For Your Hopeless Romantic Friend

Pocket-Sized Poetry Book, $3.20, Amazon

For the friend who is hands-down the Charlotte York of your group, this pocket-sized poetry book is the gift she's been dreaming of. Because, of course she wants to read classic love poems on the subway.


For Your Star Wars Obsessed Friend

I Love You/I Know Hand Towel Set, $25, Think Geek

Is there any scene more romantic in movie history? Yes, many, but this Luke and Leia hand towel set is perfectly passionate for any friend who wishes they lived in a galaxy far, far away.


For Your Recently Engaged Friend

Daisy Place Ring Dish, $30, Kate Spade

Get the bride-to-be this Kate Spade jewelry dish that is specifically for her engagement ring. It's the kind of Valentine's Day gift she'll absolutely love, but that her fiancee would probably never think to give.


For Your Fashionable Friend

Wildflower Scarf, $18, Nordstrom

This infinity scarf is so romantic looking you'd think it's straight out of a Jane Austen novel.


For Your Funny Friend

Heart Plush, $20, I Heart Guts

An anatomically correct heart plush is the perfect mix of corny and comedic. Your punny pal will get a kick out of this Valentine.


For Your Beer-Loving Friend

Bronze Heart Bottle Opener Key Chain, $18, Uncommon Goods

Beer holds the key to her heart, and nothing makes her more heartbroken than not being able to open a perfectly wonderful microbrew. With this heart-shaped bottle-opener key chain she'll never have to deal with a closed-off lover (aka beer bottle) again.


For Your Beauty Obsessed Friend

Lancome Lipstick, $29, Sephora

Give the gift of a bold red with this Lancome lipstick. The color is even called Rouge in Love/Rouge Valentine, so it's great for the holiday.


For Your Martha Stewart-esque Friend

de Buyer Cookie Cutters Set, $30, William Sonoma

Heart-shaped cookie cutters will have your baking buddy so grateful, she'll make you a batch as a thank you.


For The Super Feminine Friend

'Rosaviola' Candle, $35, Nordstrom

This scented candle will have her home looking and smelling like Valentine's Day all year long — which is the perfect gift for the right friend. (Caution: Do not gift to your favorite cynical companion.)


For Your Best Friend

Mac 'N Chesse Card, $5, Urban Outfitters

Ok, so this one is just a cheesy card, but it gets the point across. Add on to any gift, and your BFF will know just how much you love her — as much as mac and cheese. Now that's a lot of love.