13 Valentine's Day Gifts To Buy Yourself, Because Self-Love Is The Best Kind


Whether you're in a relationship, riding solo, or somewhere in the "It's Complicated" zone, don't rely on anyone else to get you what you want this Valentine's Day. This year, buy yourself a Valentine's Day gift. That way you know you'll get something you actually like instead of another piece of heart-shaped jewelry from your beau.

On a day made for celebrating the people you love, don't forget about yourself! Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you can cultivate. So in addition to your significant other, treat yourself this year. You deserve it, girl!

I highly recommend buying yourself flowers and chocolate, because a fresh bouquet makes any room look homier, and there is never a bad time for chocolate. But in addition to the Valentine's Day staples, buy yourself a real gift. Something cozy, something pretty, something inspirational. If you've had your eye on something for months, now's the time to go out and buy it.

But if there isn't an item you've been lusting after, you can still buy yourself something special. Don't shy away from the holiday: be your own Valentine and pick out something pink or heart shaped, like these items here. It's corny but it's cute, and it'll help you remember the importance of loving yourself.

1If You Like Lazy Mornings

Sweethearts Pajama Bottoms, $36, Nordstrom

These sweethearts pajama bottoms are cute and comfy — a rare combination. Just as cozy as your grey baggy sweats, but with a little more character.

2If You Want To Pamper Yourself

Grapefruit Bubble Bath, $25, Origins

Origin's grapefruit bubble bath gives you the gift of a relaxing afternoon spent in the tub.

3If You Want A Little Bling

Charming Earrings, $32, Anthropologie

These charming earrings from Anthropologie add some subtle glitz to any outfit.

4If You Want To Travel

Kate Spade Passport Holder, $78, Kate Spade

Get excited about your adventures with this Kate Spade passport holder. With an accessory this cute, you basically have to leave the country!

5If Netflix Is Your Real Valentine

Cozy Throw Blankets, $49, Pottery Barn

Wrap yourself in one of these cozy throw blankets and spend the afternoon streaming all of your favorite shows.

6If You Want To Redefine Your Scent

Prada Candy, $90, Nordstrom

Prada Candy has packaging that makes it look like an ordinary Valentine's Day box of chocolates, but the candy inside is far more luxe. For a sweet scent, treat yourself to this decadent perfume.

7If You're All About The Ohms

Lulelemon Yoga Mat, $68, Lululemon

The Lulelemon yoga mat is so comfortable, you'll want to shavasana all day long.

8If You're Trying Out A New 'Do

Hair Comb, $3 CB2

Let your hair comb give you the confidence boost you need.

9If You're Always Misplacing Your Jewelry

Catchall Dish, $48, J.Crew

Put this pretty catchall dish on your bedside table so you always know where your rings and necklaces are.

10If Winter Is Getting The Best Of Your Hands

Pretty en Provence Set, $22, Sephora

Give yourself a gorgeous at-home manicure with the Pretty en Provence set. The L'Occitaine lotion is like magic on your dry skin, and the Debhora Lippmann polishes are the perfect seasonal pinks.

11If You're Feeling Creative

Stunning Journal, $15, Rifle Paper Co.

Write down all of your genius ideas in this stunning journal. Someday when you're a famous novelist this will be in a museum, so you wouldn't want it to be some boring plain notebook.

12If You're Feeling Fashionable

Statement Necklace, $13, H&M

Don yourself in roses with this statement necklace from H&M.

13If You Only Communicate In Emoji

Heart Emoji Pillow, $20, Throw Boy

This heart emoji pillow is a fun accent to any room, and allows you to respond with emojis IRL.