13 Ways To Stay Cool In Summer If You're Pregnant

Growing up in the midwest, the summer sun always put me in a good mood. But if you're expecting, the warmer temperatures can make an already uncomfortable existence downright unbearable. You're probably already dealing with back pain and swollen feet, so the last thing in the world you want is to be too hot. Right now, I'm sure you want nothing more than to sit in a tub of ice for the next two months, but there's no reason to believe that you can't enjoy yourself this summer. There are plenty of great ways to stay cool in the summer if you're pregnant.

Wearing lightweight clothing, drinking plenty of fluids, and taking frequent showers can help keep moms-to-be cool when the weather is hot. But it's also important to remember that you are carrying another life, which means you may not be able to maintain your pre-pregnancy level of activity — and that's perfectly OK. You have the right to take it easy if you're feeling overwhelmed in the heat. Besides, there's no better time than during your pregnancy to ask for a little help from your friends and family members.

If you and your baby are feeling the need to beat the heat, get yourself a fan and an ice cream cone, and try some of these tips to keep cool.


Drink Plenty Of Water

You had to know I was going to say it, but be sure to drink plenty of fluids, as noted in Parents.


Wear Comfortable Clothing

The Bump suggested that moms-to-be wear loose, light-colored clothing during the summer months that will allow them to sweat. Fortunately, finding a cute maternity sun dress is a lot easier than finding a cute maternity sweater.


Get Fruity

Eating fresh fruits and veggies will keep expectant moms hydrated and keep the body temperature down, according to Bundle Organics' blog. Fortunately, the summer months are great for fresh fruits.


Work Out When It's Dark

Women's Health magazine suggests pregnant women get their workouts in the early morning or evening hours, when the temperatures are lower and the sun is not as strong.


Lay Off The Salt

As Red Tricycle mentioned, moms-to-be should reduce their salt intake to help cut down on swelling and inflammation of the feet and ankles.


Wear A Hat

A fab sun hat can do double duty — keeping your head cool, and glamming up your summer outfits.


Take A Break

When the weather is especially hot, moms-to-be should limit their activity. If you're feeling like you're overheating, find a cool place to rest , and don't be afraid to ask others to help.


Treat Your Feet

Your feet are already swollen and uncomfortable, and the heat can only make it worse. Yahoo! News suggests making your own cold water foot spa to soak your tired toes.


Carry A Squirt Bottle

WebMD recommended you carry a squirt bottle on hot days to mist yourself when you feel warm.


Take a Dip

The Stir suggested moms-to-be to take a swim in a pool to keep cool.


Ice The Insides Of Your Wrists

Placing ice on the insides of your wrists will be instantly refreshing to a hot mama, according to Bundle Organics.


Take Lots of Showers

Several cool showers throughout the day, will help pregnant women bring their temperatures down if they are overheating, according to The Stir.


Try A Mocktail

You don't have to feel left out when everyone else is drinking margaritas. Parents suggests expectant moms cool off with a mocktail. Try a piña colada smoothie, a refreshing treat that won't leave you with a hangover.