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13 Weird Royal Wedding Memorabilia Featuring Harry & Meghan, That Will Make You Ask "Why?"


A royal wedding is cause for celebration... by the makers of traditional and not-so-traditional wedding souvenirs. With Prince Harry marrying Meghan Markle this weekend, the hawkers have been out in force. You can get almost anything you want with Harry and Meghan's likeness on them. And decades from now, when you and the royal couple are much older, think how much you'll love having that Harry and Meghan tea set somewhere in your cabinet. But if you want something quirkier, here are some of the weirdest royal wedding memorabilia out there, so you can remember the day in your own, offbeat way.

Royal wedding memorabilia has been a tradition going back years and years and have included postcards from Prince Albert's wedding to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Charles and Diana mugs, and Will and Kate coins. Many collectors will no doubt grab fine china likenesses of the Meghan and Harry this year, manufactured specifically and officially to commemorate the royal wedding of 2018. Add to this some more obscure items like the ones below and you have quite a marketplace. There's even a royal wedding beer. Windsor & Eton brewery near Windsor Castle created a special beer when Prince William and Duchess Kate were married in 2011, called "Windsor Knot," and they've brought it out again in time for Harry's turn.

Whether you're more into clothing, food, or even sex toys, these collectibles are a hilarious way to savor your memories of the royal wedding.


Harry or Meghan Swimsuits

Bags of Love

Be the hit of the pool party in these one piece racing-style bathing suits with giant images of the royal couple's faces stretched across your torso.

2Coloring Book

The Royal Wedding Colouring Book: Colour In Harry and Meghan's Hollywood Romance


Colour away to your heart's content (note, the way they spell "colour" makes this extra-British) in this series of pictures showing the happy couple taking the place of the love interests in iconic Hollywood movies.


Crown Jewels Royal Wedding Condoms

Crown Jewels Condoms

This one is even more out there than the rest of them, but there's something about condoms that actually fits the wedding theme. These limited edition condoms come in a special souvenir case, which you could, um, put on your bookshelf to display for your company, right?


Royal Wedding Cereal


Don't look at it like a ridiculously overpriced box of breakfast cereal. Look at it as getting this wonderful souvenir box that happens to have cereal inside.

5Wooden Spoons

Harry & Meghan Wooden Spoons


You can think about the royal couple every time you make a pot of pasta.

6Love Rings

Royal Wedding Vibrating Love Rings

Love Honey

Put a little royal wedding sizzle into your sex life with these rings. You can get the "royal wedding love ring" to put onto your Prince Charming or the "Markle Sparkle Finger Ring" for some mutual stimulation. Great news--they are on sale, marked down from $12 in honor of the big day.

7Life-size Cutouts

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Life-Sized Cutout Standup


Can't hang out with Harry & Meghan IRL? No worries. Pose with this, snap a photo and you'll feel like you are BFFs with the royal couple.

8Shower Curtain

Harry & Meghan Shower Curtain

Society 6

Liven up your bathroom with this shower curtain. Only downside is that it might feel like they're staring at you when you're naked.

9Prayer Candles

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Celebrity Prayer Candle Set


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Celebrity Prayer Candle Set ($23, Etsy) You can say an extra prayer for the newlyweds when you use this candle set.


Harry & Meghan Earrings


Who wouldn't want these two gorgeous creatures dangling from their ears?

11$2 Bill

Harry & Meghan Genuine $2 Bill


This is actual U.S. currency, but if you are paying $15 for it, it seems like you should frame it, put it on your shelf, and not spend it.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Comforter

Society 6

Have the sweetest dreams as you snuggle up with the royal couple.

13Face Masks

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Face Mask Royal Wedding Pack


You can stage your own royal wedding and pretend you are Harry and Meghan or throw them in the closet and save them for Halloween.