13 Weird Things That Happen When Having Sex On Your Period

Although period sex may no longer seem like such a taboo, there is still a lot to know about getting it on when you have a flow. And sure, period sex is in no way dirty, but the weird things that happen when having sex on your period may take you by surprise anyway. Fortunately, most of these are good things.

Aside from the simplest reason of all — you just want it — period sex can provide you with a ton of unexpected benefits. It may help alleviate your aches and pains, and it could also shorten the duration of your period overall. Plus, there's no denying the power of orgasm to take your mind off of pretty much everything for at least a few minutes.

That said, if you'd prefer to chill out with a heating pad and a cup of tea, then that's fine, too. Even during your period, sex is an option, but it's never a requirement. Taking a pass, especially on those heavy flow days, is understandable.

But if you are interested in sex during your period, then there is almost no reason to forego it. As long as you're taking the usual precautions to protect yourself from unintentional pregnancy or STIs, then it's go time for you and your partner. Maybe you won't dislike that time of the month so much anymore.


You're Totally OK With It

Sure, popular culture may act like period sex should involve a scene from a Stephen King movie. But in reality, there's nothing weird or taboo about it at all. Chances are, neither you nor your partner is icked out by the idea. And as noted by Cosmopolitan, plenty of women really enjoy period sex. Seriously, once you're both OK with the whole idea of sex, a tiny bit of menstruation is not a bit deal.


You Don't Need Lube

OK, so this may come as unwelcome news to the more squeamish people out there. But when it's that time, the blood can act as a sort of lubricant, according to MetroUK. It's all natural, if nothing else.


You Feel Less Pain

For plenty of women, periods bring on a ton of aches and pains. Pounding headaches are not uncommon. But as noted in Medical Daily, orgasms may help lessen headache pain. Grab your SO or your vibe and conduct some medical tests of your own.


You Get Better Sleep

Sometimes cramps and general discomfort can make sleep seem like a distant dream. But as noted in Chatelaine, orgasms may help you sleep better by releasing vasopressin, a chemical that could promote sleep. Also, the general sense of relaxation following sex can't hurt the cause.


You Have Shorter Period

Sure, it sounds too good to be true. But according to The SexMD, having orgasms may help your uterus shed its lining more effectively. And this increased rate of shedding may make for shorter periods overall.


You Have Better Orgasms

OK, it may be difficult to rank your orgasms. But some women experience stronger orgasms during their period, possibly due to increased uterine sensitivity, as noted by the SexMD. You'll never know unless you give it a try.


You Feel A Closer Bond

There's no reason to alienate yourself from your partner for one week every month. According to research from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, experiencing the hormone oxytocin may help promote bonding with your partner. What's more, this hormone is released as a part of your sexual response.


You Have Greater Bodily Comfort

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is crucial. Rejecting the notion that your period is somehow dirty and having sex anyway may help you feel better about your own body and choices. Because really: it's just a little blood.


You Have Zero Cares About Your Sheets

Even if your bed linens are made of the highest thread count available, once you get going, they are not that important. You may throw down some towels for protection, or you may get too caught up in the moment to care at all. Hey, that's what the washing machine is for.


You Have No Blood

Well, it's possible. If you're squicked out about menses but still want sex, you can try a menstrual cup designed to be used during sex, as noted in xoJane. It's worth a shot if you're curious.


You Forget It's Shark Week

Once things get going, chances are you and your partner will not think twice about your period. In fact, you may wonder why it was ever a taboo to begin with. There's no need to cut out a week of sex every month.


Your Cramps Are Less Severe

In addition to general pain relief, period sex may really help decrease your cramps. As noted in WebMD, sexual stimulation and orgasm may decrease your ability to feel pain, therefore making cramps less crappy. At the very least, you can distract yourself for a few minutes.


You Enjoy It More

In fact, you might love it. It isn't uncommon for women to really enjoy sex during that time of the month, because of increases in your estrogen and testosterone levels, as noted in Health. You just might start to despise your periods a little less.