13 Winter Activities For Toddlers To Keep You From Losing Your Mind

Growing up in Florida, there weren't many activities that were designated specifically to the winter months. I mean, I didn't see snow in person until I was 25 years old, so sledding and building snowmen were out of the question. There were, however, days where it got a little chilly and we weren't able to go outside. Though my sister and I were older, my brother was just a toddler and we always had to make sure there were things for him to do. That's my my mom always had some winter activities for toddlers so that everyone wouldn't go crazy from him becoming bored.

When winter hits and you have a small child, it must be pretty difficult to find things for them to do so that they don't become too bored. As an adult, I know how easy it is to suffer from "cabin fever" when you're trapped inside. So I'm sure that it's 10 times worse for a small child who loves to be active outdoors. Keeping a list of activities that you and your toddler can participate in together is a great way to keep them busy and for you to enjoy some good time with them, too.

Whether you're in a location where snow hits or just a little wind chill for winter, these 13 activities are great to participate in.


Bake Or Cook Together

One winter activity that's enjoyable and keeps the little ones happy is finding a new baked good or lunch recipe for you guys to make together. Not only will it keep them preoccupied and give them the opportunity to learn something new, but it gives you two time to spend together.


Create Your Own Books

When I was a kid, my brother and I would spend time creating our own stories and then drawing pictures to go along with them on construction paper. Afterwards, my sister would staple them together and then we would read them to whoever would listen.


Make It A Laundry Day

According to Parents, making it a laundry day with your toddler is a good winter activity. Let them help you sort through the clothing before the wash, put them in the dryer in between, and fold once done.


Erupt A Volcano

Babble noted that making your own kid-sized volcano is a great activity to do during the winter with your toddler. Not only is it a fun thing for them to do, it will be a great learning experience for them, too.


Write Letters To Friends

According to Healthline, writing letters to friends or family is a great winter activity. Since writing personal letters have unfortunately become a thing of the past, getting your toddler in on writing letters is a way for them to put smiles on others faces.


Have An Indoor Picnic

Since I grew up in Florida and we never had a real winter, when it was too hot for us to go outside, my sister and I would have our own picnics in the living room. That also works for people who actually experience winter, too. Pull out a blanket and eat lunch right there in the living room while having a good chat.


Read A Book That Has An Accompanying Movie

Keep the kids busy by giving them the opportunity to both read and watch movies. There are so many good children's books that have accompanying movies, and it would be a great opportunity for the little ones to start learning about comparing and contrasting.


Take A Drive Or Walk Through The Neighborhood To See The Decorations

During my childhood, my mom would take my siblings and I on a drive around the neighborhoods to look at the holiday decorations. We would choose a night to go every week and would stay out for a few hours. It's probably one of the most memorable things from my childhood during the winter.


Do Yoga Together

If you're looking for a way to calm your toddler and align your chakras at the same time, try doing some yoga together with your child. Not only is it a great way to get some fitness in, but it teaches your toddler how to concentrate better, too.


Paint Self Portraits

Activate your little one's creativity by creating self-portraits together. Whether it's with paint, crayons, or markers, I'm sure they'll love having this fun time with you. As an added tip, get some washable paint and let them draw on the tile wall during bath time.


Build A Fort And Have A Movie Marathon

Spend a day in your pajamas and forget about all the stress that the day can bring in. Build up a fort with all the pillows and covers in the house, pull out all of your toddlers favorite movies and get all the snacks you can find for a relaxingly fun day around the house.


Create Your Own Band

Pull out some pots, pans, and toys and become rockstars right in the comfort of your own home. Though it may be kind of loud, give your toddler the opportunity to express their musical skills while you man the vocals on your favorite tune.


Put On Your Own Play Or Fashion Show

Give your toddler the opportunity to dress up in outfits that they put together themselves and deliver an exceptional show. Whether it's a play that they created themselves or a fancy fashion show, your toddler will love being able to express themselves on their own.