13 Winter Storm Jonas Memes That Prove The Internet Loves The Jo Bros

The forecast is predicting for a giant blizzard to rock the East Coast from Jan. 22 to Jan. 24, but what is even more newsworthy than the storm itself is that it has been named Winter Storm Jonas. As soon as the news broke that the nor'easter would don the name of a popular boy band, people went crazy. Unable to resist the urge to make plenty of puns, the internet has quickly become populated with Winter Storm Jonas memes.

East coasters complain about snow, but deep down, they secretly love the prospect of waking up to a blizzard-created winter wonderland (especially if it means a day off from their daily duties.) And the pop-culture inspired name is just icing on the cake.

As you can imagine, Joe, Kevin and Nick's faces have been plastered all over weather maps. Their most famous lyrics have been parodied to include jokes about the snow. Their likenesses have been combined with the images of other winter weather favorites to create some great mashup memes. Overall, the users who have taken to Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr to poke fun at the name Winter Storm Jonas have made a stellar showing, producing comical content that will keep us entertained as we're stuck indoors all weekend. Here are some of the best ways that the internet has celebrated the oncoming, well-named storm.


The Snowy Innuendo

I believe the forecast promised at least 12 inches.


Things Are Getting Cooler

Cool temperatures and cool shades.


Nicky The Snowman

Nicky the Snowman, knew as a band they'd never stay. But he waved goodbye, singin' "Don't you cry. I'll be a solo act someday.


Let It Go

The Joe never bothered me, anyway.


A Storm? AHH!

Is it the pre-blizzard panic that sends everyone to the store buying eggs and milk, or is it the anticipation of the Jonas Brothers coming to your city?


A Break From The Jo Bros

A pun on Weezer's song, 'My Name Is Jonas,' is this week's hipster meme.


A Playful Parody

This meme doubles as a PSA to go get your snow tires put on before this weekend.


The Evolution Of Jonas

The storm gets heavier, the boy gets hotter.


Shirtless In The Snow

Can it snow when it's this hot?


The West Coast Taunt

Whatever, California. We get it...you're sunny.


Game Of Jonas

The Jonas Brothers, live at Westeros Stadium, this weekend!


Three Little Snowmen

Do you want to build a Jonas brother?



Oh, Winter Storm Jonas, we can't wait for your arrival.

Images: Gifs for Tumblr, The Legendary Bender, Nice/Tumblr