14 4th Of July Toddler Outfits

Finding adorable – and even affordable — clothes for toddlers isn't too hard. Stores like Target and Khols and online retailers like Etsy have endless options for your little, oh-so-stylish one. But when it comes to holiday outfits, like the 4th of July, it can be a little more difficult to come across the perfectly unique, fun, and festive outfit for your toddler. Luckily, there are a number of really cute 4th of July toddler outfits that'll make your little one look awesome this year.

With family get togethers, neighborhood cookouts, and nighttime fireworks displays coming up this weekend, you're probably looking for one (or several) perfect outfits to throw on your little one before you head out to the holiday activities. And it's not all graphic t-shirts, though those are adorable. You could opt for elegant attire or even subtle 4th of July ensembles that can be worn long after the holiday's passed. Whichever path you choose, there are plenty of adorable, spunky, or classic outfits to considered this year. Even better — they can be paired with bows, hats, sunglasses, or the perfect shoes to spruce them up.

If your toddler needs some 4th of July toddler outfits, here are 14 great options.


4th Of July Sequin Shorts Outfit

4th Of July Sequin Shorts Outfit, $20, Etsy

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but sequins are definitely a toddler's. So you know this 4th of July sequin shorts outfit would be a hit for the holiday. With sequin shorts and hand band, the adorable saying on the shirt is just that much better.


"Daddy's Little Firecracker" Outfit

"Daddy's Little Firecracker" Outfit, $14, Etsy

This "Daddy's Little Firecracker" outfit is sure to make a statement this 4th of July. With adorable American flag pants and a firecracker shirt, you can't go wrong.


"All A-meow-rican" T-Shirt

"All Ameowrican" T-Shirt, $7, Target

What toddler doesn't love cats? The "All A-meow-rican" t-shirt is an adorable way to combine all things Independence Day with cute, cuddly cats.


The Classic "Baseball Tee"

"Baseball Tee" Shirt, $16, Primary

They're called "classics" for a reason and sticking to the classics is never a bad call, especially with a "baseball tee" shirt for the 4th of July. It's a perfect way to enjoy your favorite baseball team this holiday.


Plaid Woven Dress

Plaid Woven Dress, $40, Loola Kids

A red and blue plaid woven dress with pin-striped lined sleeves you're able to roll up is the perfect, classy outfit for this 4th of July. Even better, it's a good stand-alone dress all summer too.


Patriotic 4th Of July Outfit

Patriotic 4th of July Outfit, $27, Amazon

This patriotic 4th of July outfit is a cute and simple option whether you're going to a cookout or heading to the beach to celebrate.


Ruffled One-Shoulder Dress

Ruffled One Should Dress, $16, Old Navy

Ice cream is a 4th of July favorite every year. And this ruffled one-should dress offers the red, white, and blue of Independence Day with an ice cream flair to top it off.


Hot Dog Flag Tee

Hot Dog Flag Tee, $12, Old Navy

This hot dog flag tee is sure to get a few laughs this 4th of July. Plus, it's a good way to show everyone at the barbecue that your kids have good taste.


"Stars And Stripes" Set

"Stars and Stripes" Set, $18, H&M

Topped off with a blue, polka dot headband, the "Stars and Stripes" set is an adorable yet subtle girls' outfit for 4th of July. The great part about this outfit is that it's also one that could be worn throughout the year as well.


American Flag Outfit

American Flag Outfit, $27, Carter's

This adorable American flag outfit includes a button up chambray shirt, flag tank, and flag shorts. Perfect outfit to stay decked out for the 4th of July.


Red, White, & Blue Embroidered Outfit

Red, White, & Blue Embroidered Outfit, $15, Carter's

This fun, two-piece red, white, and blue embroidered outfit includes a embroidered tunic and solid leggings. The outfit provides a great unique embroidery but still captures the colors that surround the holiday.


"Dino Flag" Tee

"Dino Flag" Tee, $10, Gymboree

This "Dino Flag" tee would go great with jean shorts or any solid or patterned blue, red, or white shorts for the 4th of July.


"Seeing Stars" Dress

"Seeing Stars" Dress, $13, Gymboree

With a unique and bold pattern, this "Seeing Stars" dress is sure to wow at all the 4th of July outings this year.


Personalized 4th Of July T-Shirt

Personalized 4th of July T-Shirt, $20, Etsy

Make it personal with this personalized 4th of July t-shirt. You can add a toddler boy or girl name, use a family last name for a group photo, or even get creative with things like "brother" or "big sis'" for your personalization.