Woman wearing a pink comfortable nursing bra

14 Comfortable Nursing Bras That Are Actually…

I know what you're thinking: Stylish nursing bras? There is nothing stylish about a nursing bra, aka the granny-panties of the lingerie world. A comfortable nursing bra is there for fit, for function, for feeding — but not for fashion.

Or so you thought.

Turns out attractive nursing bras are out there, much to the delight of lactating ladies everywhere – myself included. Sure, right after having a baby, the only requirement I had of my underthings was that they were soft enough not to irritate my poor, cracked, bleeding nipples, but eventually, there came a time when I was ready to dress up again – and I'm talking lace, underwire, the whole nine yards.

Getting dressed – even in places no one sees – meant a lot to me as a new mom. This doesn't mean you have to say goodbye permanently to your favorite 100-percent cotton, no-lift nursing bra. It may not be stylish, but for that 3 a.m. feeding, does anyone really care?

Still, after three months of walking around in a sleep-deprived haze and wearing nothing but yoga pants and comfortable nursing tanks covered with spit-up, I was ready to dress up. There's nothing like putting on something lacy and sleek to feel like a new woman.

Polka Dots And Lace

This teal and white number is a little bit sweet thanks to the polka dots, and a lot bit sophisticated thanks to the lace.

The Showstopper

You booked a sitter, snagged dinner reservations, and dug out your favorite dress. This black lacy nursing bra is exactly what you should wear underneath.

Everyday Prettiness

A nursing bra that looks this pretty and bears the La Leche League name has to be good, and this bra proves it.

Lifting Lace

This pastel nursing bra provides major lift without any wires — and seamless nursing access too. The delicate lace overlay makes this gorgeous bra one you'll want to wear well beyond your breastfeeding days.

Comfy Contours

The modern polka dots on this stylishly sweet bra quickly dispel any notion that nursing bras have to be frumpy to be comfortable. Plus, the mesh panels provides breathability.

Pretty in Pink

Knowing she's got a splash of lacy pink on underneath can make a mom feel special, even in the most basic of outfits.

Striped Sophistication

Stylishness isn't limited to all things girly. This sophisticated striped nursing bra doesn't need flowers or ruffles to be cool.

Sweet and Elegant

This delicate nursing bra is as feminine as it gets: Lace, ruffles, and florals work together to make a pretty bra that still wears comfortably.

Simply Chic

Simple doesn't have to mean boring. What this padded T-shirt bra lacks in adornment, it makes up for in its smooth, seamless support.

A Gym-Bag Necessity

Nursing moms can hit the gym in style with this sleek sports bra that's too cool to be covered up.

Sleek Bralette

This lacy bralette is stylish and sleek. It's available in several different colors and lace options. All are guaranteed to make you feel like one sexy mama.

The Stylish Twofer

Hands-free pumping bras are great; hands-free pumping bras in a stylish black-lace cut are even better.

Organically Cool

This organic cotton bra, with a crossover v-neck and racerback, is made from soft, eco-friendly fabric. Plus, it's super stretchy and easy to pull down for easy nursing.

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