14 Adorable Easter Basket Gifts Under $5 That Your Kids Will *Love*

Easter baskets can be tons of fun, both for you to make and for the kiddies to enjoy. Whether you are celebrating with your single child or a house full of kids, it's easy to put together some treats in a colorful basket, and doing it doesn't have to cost a fortune. There are tons of toys and gifts under $5 to add to your Easter basket that the kids will be totally obsessed with.

To be honest, the secret to pulling off a successful Easter basket is volume — the more the merrier. But each item doesn't have to cost you more than a few cents. There are a myriad of things you can fill your Easter basket with. If you've got a bunch of baskets to put together, grab a pack of a favorite seasonal treat, like Springtime Oreos, and put a few of in colorful plastic bags tied with ribbon. Head over to the dollar store and see what treasures you can find. And don't forget the Peeps!

Hop on over (forgive the Easter pun) to Oriental Trading's website, where you can buy fun little Easter basket supplies in bulk, including the baskets themselves and the requisite fake grass. You could buy a whole bunch of these, get some big bags of candy from the supermarket and then get together with other parents in your neighborhood. Throw together some cool pastel colored drinks (I see you, green apple martini & rosy pink Cosmo) and have a pre-Easter, adults-only, basket-making bash. Hey, you should be enjoying the holiday, too, right?

Your kids will be so happy to get a little swag on Easter morning, you really can't go wrong.


Mad Libs

Easter Extravaganza Mad Libs ($4.74, Amazon)

After Easter dinner, pull out a pen and have everyone fill in the blanks. It'll be a fun activity that will guarantee a ton of laughs from the whole family.



Easter Character Bubbles ($4.99/dozen, Oriental Trading)

Bubbles are always so much fun to play with and these bunny bottles will make your little one giddy with happiness. Plus they're so cheap, you can buy enough to hide around the yard along with the colorful eggs.


Superhero Fidget Spinner

Superhero Fidget Spinner ($4, Toys "R" Us)

If your kid loves fidget spinners and superheroes, this is the perfect gift to add to your Easter basket. Choose from Wonder Woman, Zuru, Batman, or Superman.


Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk ($2, Target)

I love sidewalk chalk, and kids do, too. They can do almost anything with it, from creating hopscotch boards to tracing each other to creating gorgeous art on your driveway.


Rubber Ducky

Munchkin White Hot® Safety Bath Ducky ($2, Target)

This is not only a fun toy for bathtime, but it includes a sensor to measure the temperature of the bath water to ensure that it's not too hot for your little one. Yes, you can do the same thing with your hand, but it's a really cute toy anyway.


DreamWorks Trolls

DreamWorks Trolls Queen Poppy Collectible Figure ($4.99, Hasbro Toy Shop)

This one squeaks in just under $5 at $4.99. You can get several DreamWorks Trolls characters as figurines or plush toys and give a different one to each kid.


Star Wars BB-8 Toy

Star Wars BB-8 Toy, ($3, Kohls)

Throw a little Star Wars flair into your Easter celebration with this cute little BB-8 replica.


Clifford Book

Clifford's Happy Easter ($3, Barnes & Noble)

There are so many Easter books you can buy, but I'm a sucker for the big red dog and his buddy Emily Elizabeth. Don't love Clifford? You can celebrate Easter with the Berenstain Bears or The Muppets.


Thinking Putty

Crazy Aaron's Twilight Mini Thinking Putty ($3, Barnes & Noble)

Silly putty is silly, but Thinking Putty really makes you think. Watch it change color, going from purple to blue to mimic the actual changing colors of the atmosphere during twilight.


Bunny Socks

Bunny socks ($4, GAP)

Available in sizes 12 Months to 5 years, your child can make like Little Bunny Foo Foo and hop all over the forest or wherever they'd like to go in this adorable pair.


Craft Kit

Easter Egg Magnet Craft Kit ($4, Oriental Trading)

Any gift that keeps the kids busy is a good thing. They can decorate the fridge and any other metal surface with these colorful Easter egg magnets.


Cotton Candy Slime

Hoshell Colorful Mixing Cloud Cotton Candy Scented Slime ($4.50, Amazon)

Great for getting out stress or the excess energy they'll have after sitting politely at church or at Grandma's for lunch, this colorful slime will keep your little one entertained for hours. Plus it smells like cotton candy, which every kid loves.


Washi Tape

Sweet Treats Donuts Washi Tape By Craft Smart™ ($2, Michael's)

This fun tape can be used for so many things (including taping their brother's mouth shut) and come in other designs, like flowers, popsicles, unicorns, and llamas.


Mini Yo-Yos

Easter Mini Yo-Yos ($3/dozen, Oriental Trading)

These are teeny yo-yos and for $3 you can have enough for your whole family and the neighbors.

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