14 Hilarious First Day Of School Memes, Because You Could Really Use A Laugh Right Now

If you're stressing about class schedules and pickup lines and lunchbox packing, then it must be back-to-school season. For parents, teachers, and students alike, it's a super-stressful time of the year that always feels a little chaotic. If you need a breather, these funny first day of school memes should get a giggle or two. It's a wild time of year, to be sure, but at least you aren't dealing with it alone.

Seriously, though, the back-to-school preparation pressure is a very real phenomenon. "It turns into a season thanks to pressure by stores and marketers to get parents to buy everything they may possibly need in the month or weeks before school starts, which is kind of insane and unnecessary," said Denise Schipani, author of Mean Moms Rule, in Fortune. In reality, the first day of school is just that, a single day, as Schipani further noted. It isn't the end-all be-all of your family's academic success.

For many people, one of the healthiest ways to deal with ridiculous and stressful situations is to laugh at them. So scroll through these memes for a quick laugh, as well as a reminder that this one day will soon pass. In no time you and your family will be in the swing of things, and the school year that seemed so scary at its beginning will just be part of your daily routine.



There are enough cars in the pickup line to give every child in the school a ride home twice. At least, that's how it feels when you're staring down the endless stretch of vehicles.



Sometimes getting the kid up and ready for school takes all the effort you can muster. And during the beginning of the year, it's tough enough to motivate yourself some mornings.



Even if your kid legit loves school, there's always something bittersweet about saying goodbye to summer break. Sleeping in is pretty great, after all.


Finish Strong

The abundance of time with your family is great. But sometimes you just need a minute to breathe, to be honest.


Oh No

There's always something to cause a minor panic on those first days back. Gathering all the supplies and getting a routine in order takes time, after all.


Hang In There

At least this busy time of year doesn't last forever.


Too True

Monday jokes have been around forever, but sometimes the stereotypes are true. It's a tough day for kids and parents alike.



I would seriously ace the entire curriculum.



Well, your kid must learn how to read an audience eventually.


Happy Day

It's OK if you're the tiniest bit overjoyed that school is back in session.


Please Stop

Seriously, some of those commercials crank up way too early. They're a little ominous.


Put It Away

Hopefully the trend has pretty much died down at your kid's school by now. But there's going to be a couple of kids who try to keep the fidget spinner craze going.


Too True

Parents and kids alike might have a tough time enforcing earlier bedtimes again.


Ready & Set

Preparing for the school year ahead takes a lot of time and effort, as well as a few snacks. OK, make that a lot of snacks.