14 Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That'll Make Your Friends Smile Till It Hurts

When it comes to pregnancy announcements on social media, you see a lot of ultrasound pics and "Soon to be a Big Sister/Brother" posts. But if you're looking to score some points for originality — and rack up the likes — it pays to mix it up a little. I personally love it when people do something really witty or unexpected to announce they've got a bun in the oven. If you're looking for a little inspiration, here are 14 funny pregnancy announcement caption ideas that are seriously creative.

These days, it seems like everyone is trying to out-do one another when it comes to sharing big life news online. From elegant engagement announcements to sweet gender reveals, entire cottage industries have cropped up to accommodate the need to shine on social. But, in my opinion, sometimes the winning formula is just to have some fun and not to take yourself too seriously.

If you're ready to make your preggo status Facebook or Instagram official, these posts from real-life expecting parents might just convince you to go the humorous route too. Whether you want to use props, pets, or older siblings, choosing one of these clever ideas will certainly win you some belly laughs.


Hey, Small Fry

This pregnancy announcement photo from JLF Photography is just delicious! I love that the expecting couple, Casey and Jennifer, found the perfect onesie photo prop to serve as their caption.


Movie Poster

This pregnancy announcement from @shineera is a real blockbuster. The "coming soon" date is a nice touch, but I especially love the movie title!


Made with Love & Science

For anyone who's had a long fertility journey, this is such a sweet way to announce pregnancy success. I love how the lovely expectant mama, @laurabristow123, used this caption to accompany the shots: "Made with a lot of love and a little bit of science."


Sibling rivalry

This witty sign idea from @beciberry93 sure beats your average "Soon to be a Big Brother," caption. Each brother gets his own hilariously spunky message.


Sweet Checklist

We've all seen the pregnancy announcement where the firstborn girl dons a "Big Sister" t-shirt or onesie. But this adorably clever checklist from @jessie_j1410 pushes the idea further, and it's pretty darn heartwarming. Full disclosure, I did tear up reading it.



Who needs an ultrasound pic when you can use a different kind of prop to make your big announcement? Mama-to-be _ac_romero simply captioned her pic: "Another one!"



Using a felt letter board to make your pregnancy announcement lets you really have some fun with the details. Take @selflovewithstephanie, for example, who used this sign to chronicle her pregnancy week to week, accompanied by shots of her growing bump.


Two-player game

Expecting mama @haremarkvinyl went all out for this Mario and Luigi-themed pregnancy announcement, captioning it with: "This is happening." If you have an older kid who has been longing for a little playmate, this could be the ultimate way to announce to the world that their wishes are coming true. Game on!


Pet Sibling

Mommy and Daddy are having a human and this little guy isn't too thrilled about it. The caption from @enzothenugget is too perfect: "How I feel about becoming a big brother."


Big Adventure

We've all seen the pregnancy announcements that use a tiny pair of shoes to announce a little one is coming, but @the_side_porch used a tiny sleeping bag instead, accompanied by the caption: "Our next big adventure!" I don't know about you, but I just got goosebumps!


Harry Potter

For Harry Potter fans, this pregnancy announcement from @meganmarieqt is nothing short of magical. She used a felt board, but you could choose to just caption the pic with "The Magic Begins..."


First came love...

This adorable photo from Seize the Shot Photography makes perfect use of the classic children's poem, and hats off to the clever couple "knocking boots"!


Happy Holidays

This holiday-themed pregnancy announcement from @lovingperks is one witty way to announce a Christmas baby. This expecting mama captioned it with, "The news is officially out and we couldn’t be happier!" and, of course, included plenty of Christmas emojis.


All about the Bling

I love that this pregnancy announcement from @brantanique is a visual representation of "First came love, then came marriage, then came a baby..." But the originality doesn't stop there. She captioned this clever photo with, "Butterflies Have Filled My Belly Since The Day I Met My Husband. Those Butterflies Have Now Turned Into Little Feet. Oh Baby! What A Blessing." Ok, yes, I'm crying now.