14 Happy Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day is the one Sunday a year when the world pause to admire mothers, salute them for their sacrifices, and sends them off to the spa for some much-deserved pampering. Oh wait. That's just my Mother's Day fantasy. On this holiday, most offspring scrape together enough change to buy a card for their mom, which is all well and good, as long as they make it a good one. Luckily, the selection of happy Mother's Day cards is plentiful enough to find just the right sentiment for any type of mother.

Honoring all the mothers and motherly figures in your life is a thoughtful way to celebrate Mother's Day. Taking the time to choose the right card and add your own words is a meaningful keepsake. And card giving means much more when you give thought to the personalization and special meaning it holds for both you and your mother. From beautifully handmade to clever and funny cards, there is something to match the your personality or the personality of your mother. This year, the best part is you don't need to spend hours sifting through the card aisle. These 14 unique, happy Mother's Day cards are just click away.


Simple & Pretty

Have a mom who prefers the simple beauty in life? This handmade Mother's Day card ($5) keeps the sentiment straight forward and allows you to create any message you wish to give your mom this year.


I'm Awesome

Give mom some props for creating the one and only you by sending her a "Well Done, Mom" card ($5). After all, she did produce one pretty noteworthy human and that deserves some credit.


Instead Of Grandbabies

If your mom is eager for grandkids but also appreciates a good joke, she'll get a giggle from this "Instead Of Grandbabies" card ($6). And you can also remind her that cards don't come with spit-up or dirty diapers.


For The Mother-In-Law

Acknowledging all the moms in your life is a nice gesture on Mother's Day. This funny mother-in-law card ($4) is just the right mix of humor and heart.


Mama Bear

Owe everything to the loving protection of your mother? Send her this mama bear card ($5) for Mother's Day to remind her that you're still thankful.


Game Of Moms

Any mom who's a fan of the show will be psyched to receive this Game of Thrones Mother's Day card ($6). Bonus: this card contains a word search all about Game of Thrones.


For The Stepmom

A unique and thoughtful card for all the moms that technically aren't your mom. The stepmom card ($4) will mean a lot to any mother figure in your life.


Cool Mom

You're mom's not a regular mom — she's a cool mom and she deserves a cool card. You're sure to get a fist bump from your rad mama when you hand her this "Cool Mom" card ($4) this Mother's Day.


First Mother's Day

There's something extra special and sweet about honoring the newness of parenthood. Give the new mom in your life a "First Mother's Day" card ($5) to encourage and support her new role.


You're Welcome

You would never make Mother's Day all about you, unless you're the family comedian. Keep the joke running with this sarcastic hand lettered "You're Welcome" card ($6) that will make mom roll her eyes (then give you a hug).


Debbie Downer

No one loves a downer on Mother's Day, except a SNL fan. Any follower of the show will get a kick out of a "Debbie Downer" card ($4) on Mother's Day.


Nastiest Woman

If your mom taught you everything you know about being a strong, powerful woman, than nothing else will do on Mother's Day besides this "Nastiest Woman" card ($5).


For The Greatest Grandma

You can call her Nana, Gigi, Nona, Granny, or Mom Mom — she deserves a shout out on Mother's Day too. This "Wonderful Grandma" card ($5) will mean the most to the woman who always snuck you candy from her extra large purse.


The Bomb Mom

You know you're mom's got it going on, so be sure to tell her this Mother's Day. Add this "You 'Da Mom" card ($5) to your gift for mom to remind her of her awesomeness.