14 Of The Coolest Baby Halloween Costumes Found On Instagram

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There is only one thing more fun than dressing up on Halloween, and that is getting to dress up children. This is especially true in the few short years before they realize they can pick out their own costumes, leaving parents to choose the adorable and sometimes downright hilarious dressings for them. Many parents go all out with their babies, with full head-to-toe costumes complete with makeup and accessories. Others find clever ways to incorporate babies into a full family costume, while some really enjoy creeping everyone out with, well, creepy baby costumes. For example, check out the 14 coolest baby Halloween costumes found on Instagram this year.

In the slideshow you'll find all sorts of baby costumes, from super cute to downright terrifying. As expected, there's a baby shark in the mix — but that baby's clever parents found a fun new take on the viral sensation. There are some really adorable food costumes in the mix, too, including a baby bubble tea, a baby pizza, and a Chik-fil-A baby.

When it comes to the more terrifying options, you'll find a set of twins just looking for their Danny to play with... forever. Plus, there's a murderous Chucky running around with a large knife but, if we're being honest with each other, he's pretty darn cute.

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