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14 Tess Holliday Tweets That Show Why She's A Feminist Mom

Tess Holliday is the mother of 10-year-old son Rylee and a brand new baby boy named Bowie. Holliday has always been an outspoken role model for body positivity and all sorts of social justice issues on her Twitter account. Scrolling through her tweets, I learned a few facts about the beauty and about Holliday: she's gorgeous, tough, hilarious, and not afraid to clap back at anyone who tells her how to feel about her own body. Here are 14 Tess Holliday tweets that show why she's a feminist mom.

She wears her girl power as fiercely as any one of her modeling looks and spends a lot of time and care on social media discussing and sharing her views with her followers and detractors alike. But, mostly, Holliday is on Twitter giving others encouragement, by her words and her own life example, and showing everyone what self love really looks like — and it's gorgeous.

Holliday is even a model for an Australian feminist group, Cherchez la Femme. The group tried to run ads featuring Holliday in a bikini last month on Facebook to promote an event on body positivity. But the ads were rejected by Facebook for violating the company's ad guidelines and showing "body parts in an undesirable manner," according to The Guardian, in a bit of irony so ridiculous you didn't need to be a feminist to understand why women need body positivity events in the first place.

“Ads may not depict a state of health or body weight as being perfect or extremely undesirable,” Facebook wrote in a statement, according to The Guardian. “Ads like these are not allowed since they make viewers feel bad about themselves. Instead, we recommend using an image of a relevant activity, such as running or riding a bike.”

Ugh. Facepalm.

Holliday is a feminist star, and here are 14 tweets that prove she's also a feminist mom.

1. Holliday Supports Other Working Women

2. She's Raising Her Two Boys To Be Feminists Too

3. She Calls Out Ridiculous Beauty Standards

4. And She's No One's "Hun"

5. Her Body Isn't Here To Entertain Anyone

6. And She'll Post Nudes If She Feels Like It

7. She's Will Stick Up For Other Women's Choices

8. She Trusts That Women Know What's Best For Them & Their Families

9. She Believes That Women's Rights Are Human Rights

10. Other People's Opinions About Her Body Are Just Unwelcome

11. She's Happy With Her Size & With Being Plus Size

12. An Unfollow Isn't Going To Change Her Mind About Being A Feminist

13. And She's Not Afraid To Celebrate Her Sexuality

14. And She Combats All Of The Crap She Gets With Humor & Openness

And it's gorgeous.