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14 Yummy Breakfast Options From Trader Joe's That You'll Want To Eat All Day
by Kristina Johnson
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How often do you end up skipping breakfast just because you don't have time to put something together? If you're anything like me, it happens too frequently. I've found that the best way to get around that problem is to keep my kitchen stocked with "grab and go" or "heat and eat" type meals from one of my favorite stores. There are so many great breakfast options from Trader Joe's that can help you get a morning meal on the table in a hurry.

Trader Joe's has a good mix of frozen breakfast foods that you can quickly toss in the oven or microwave, and single-serving items like yogurt and breakfast bars that require no effort beyond tearing open the packaging. With a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old at home, I never know how much time I'll have to scarf something down myself, or what my picky eldest will deign to eat. I love that I can make a quick swing through Trader Joe's and grab a bunch of different choices, from savory to sweet, to make sure everyone in our house enjoys their first meal of the day. A nice added bonus is that everything's pretty affordable, too (though prices listed below may vary by store).

Try out any of these 14 breakfast options from Trader Joe's, and you just might find that your mornings are suddenly so much easier — and tastier.


Quiche Lorraine

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Trader Joe's quiche ($6) is fancy enough to serve if you're hosting a brunch, but it's also so quick and easy that you can heat it up for breakfast whenever. It's packed with swiss cheese and uncured ham, and the store suggests pairing it with fresh fruit for your morning meal.


Mushroom And Spinach Quiche

Not a meat eater? Trader Joe's quiche also comes in a mushroom and spinach ($3) variety. The entire thing is just 440 calories.



Waffles are a go-to breakfast in my house. When mornings get a little hectic, I love that I can just pop one in the toaster and grab it a couple minutes later. In addition to these blueberry waffles ($2), TJ's has plain and gluten-free varieties, too.



If you've got someone in the family who can't eat gluten or dairy, these frozen pancakes ($2) are an easy breakfast option. They get high marks from the blog What's Good at Trader Joe's, which noted that the flavor doesn't suffer at all from the lack of gluten or dairy.


Hash Browns

There's pretty much always a 10 pack of these hashbrowns ($2) in my freezer. They're so cheap, and so good. You can serve them as a side dish, or have one alone for a delicious (if not exactly balanced) breakfast.


Ham And Cheese Croissants

A hot ham and cheese croissant ($5) is one of my favorite breakfast treats, but be prepared for these bad boys to get a little bit messy. Croissants flakes will get everywhere, but they're good enough to make you not mind the clean up.


Chocolate Croissants

Unlike the ham and cheese croissants, Trader Joe's chocolate croissants ($5) take a bit of pre-planning. You need to let the dough rise overnight before you bake them in the morning, but the extra work is worth it.



Egg Frittata ($3) is a new offering from Trader Joe's. The company noted on its website that customers were looking for a lighter breakfast option with fewer carbs and more protein. Loaded with cheese and cauliflower, the egg frittata definitely fits that bill. You can eat two of them for a 270 calorie breakfast. And if you're not counting calories, you can throw one on an English muffin for a DIY breakfast sandwich.



I enjoy a piping hot bowl of steelcut oatmeal every now and then, but I can never quite get the consistency right when I make it on the stove. Trader Joe's solves that problem with these microwavable packs ($2).


Raises The Bar

Trader Joe's yummy granola bars are a great option for grabbing something to eat as you're running out the door. These ones are packed with nutritious ingredients like oats, quinoa, and pumpkin seeds, and they're dairy-free, too. The only drawback to Raises the Bar ($3), according to Spoon University, is that you may wind up wanting to eat more than one.


Toaster Pastries

Kiddos will love these toaster pastries ($3) as a breakfast treat. They'll still taste good even if you don't have time to warm them up first (as evidenced by the way my 3 year old will inhale one if I let her).


Cinnamon Rolls

Popping open the can is basically the hardest part about whipping up these cinnamon rolls ($4) for breakfast. Each package makes five delicious rolls in 20 minutes or so, and your house will smell amazing.



When I'm not hungry enough for a full meal, but don't want to entirely skip breakfast, a cup of yogurt is the perfect compromise. Trader Joe's Greek yogurt ($1) is a favorite, especially since there's such a wide variety of different flavors to choose from.


Hard Boiled Eggs

When you have absolutely no time for the tedious task of peeling boiled eggs, you can grab a bag of pre-peeled ones ($3). You can have a few for breakfast, and perhaps use the rest to add some extra protein to a salad for lunch.

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