15 2017 Graduation Memes Full Of Pomp & Circumstances


Graduation is a time for celebration, reflection, and a barrage of questions about what you're going to do for the rest of your life. Because of the stress the latter can put on a recent graduate, it's important to find a time to laugh. That's where humorous graduation memes and photos come into play.

You've worked hard for years to earn this degree. Maybe you're still haunted by the memory of all-night study sessions in the library and pounding snack machine foods just to get by. Maybe you're a little surprised you made it through this stressful time at all. Now friends and family have gathered to celebrate this momentous achievement, which is scary and wonderful all at the same time.

With that said, such a major life event deserves a little levity. After all, you likely worry about life after the degree. (Who looks forward to job hunts or paying off debt?) You deserve a little time to laugh at the weirdness and joy of the whole graduation situation. Chances are, these silly images will remind you that plenty of other people are in your shoes. In fact, it's perfectly normal to worry about your post-graduation plans, or that staggering debt load. But whatever the deal, you do have the tenacity to earn a degree, and that's a reason to celebrate. Preferably with memes on your graduation cap.

1. Accurate

2. Share The Joy

3. The Secret Truth

4. Same Difference

5. Too True

6. Meta

7. The Real World

8. Decisions, Decisions

9. Oh Snap

10. Dab Hand

11. Yikes

12. Nightmare In Real Life

13. Good Job

14. Revelation

15. Heard It Before