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15 90's Disney Character Names That Would Work For Baby


Searching for baby names is an exhausting process. If you've already been through family names and the top 100 list, but can't seem to find a baby name you both agree on, it may be time to turn to less expected places for inspiration. Like the '90s or Disney. Or maybe both. Believe it or not, there are tons of great '90s Disney character names that would work for baby names.

As a child (and honestly, to this day), part of me always wanted to be named after Belle from Beauty and the Beast, or Jane from Tarzan. Whether you were a child of the '90s or just a Disney fanatic, the films produced during that decade are some of the most loved and popular to this day. Movies like Toy Story, The Lion King, Mighty Ducks, and Pocahontas are classics that are worth passing on to the next generation. And the good new is — unless you choose a name like Hercules or Pocahontas — most of these names don't scream "I'm named after Disney character." They're real names with real meanings that just happen to have some amazing films giving them an extra boost.

Naming your child after the heroes of your childhood is the perfect way to pass on some of your favorite memories to your baby-to-be.

1. Andy

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Short for Andrew, which means "strong and manly," Andy is a popular name for boys and girls alike.

2. Jasmine

A exotic and beautiful Persian flower, Jasmine is a great choice for baby girls that doesn't sound "cartoon-y" in the least.

3. Johnny

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The transplanted surfer dude from Johnny Tsunami has a classic name that is typically used as a nickname for John meaning "God is gracious."

4. Belle

The shortened version of Isabelle meaning "beautiful," Belle was the independent and loyal heroine of Beauty and the Beast.

5. Nakoma

Pocahontas' best friend Nakoma has a beautiful name that's often forgot about. It has Native American roots and means "great warrior or great spirit."

6. Jane

Jane, the adventurous explorer who falls in love with Tarzan, means "God's gracious gift" and is a popular choice for baby girls.

7. Jack

Jack Kelly from Newsies is a great namesake from a classic musical. The name means "God is gracious" and is sometimes a nickname for John.

8. James

A classic long before James and the Giant Peach hit the scene, James means "supplanter."

9. Megara

An ancient Greek name meaning "a fury," Megara was Hercules' headstrong love interest.

10. Jessie

Jessie made her appearance in Toy Story 2 as the spirited cowgirl doll looking for her owner too. Her name is a great gender-neutral option that means "wealthy."

11. Chance

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The French variation of Chauncey meaning "chancellor," Chance was the reliable bulldog who led his friends home in Homeward Bound. It makes a great name for humans too.

12. Kala

The name of Tarzan's adopted mother (who happens to be a gorilla too) is the Hindi word for "God of time" and is a beautiful alternative to more common names like Kayla.

13. Max

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The oldest brother from Hocus Pocus and the one responsible for releasing the trio of witches, Max is another great option for a boy's name and means "greatest".

14. Charlie

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Charlie Conway was the promising young hockey player from The Mighty Ducks trilogy. His name means "free man" and has become a popular gender-neutral name as well.

15. Esmeralda

The brave and soft-hearted gypsy from The Hunchback of Notre Dame has a name that matches the green of her eyes. Esmeralda is Portuguese for "emerald" and is a beautiful name.