15 '90s Movies To Share With Your Kids On The Next Family Night

by Autumn Jones

Next time your family is settling in for a movie, go retro and stream one of the many ’90s movies to share with your kids. The special effects may not be as fancy as those of today (I’m looking at you Star Wars; The Force Awakens), but the storylines are just as captivating for children and adults alike. Not to mention, re-watching iconic scenes and hearing famous lines will immediately take you back to a time when all you wanted in life was to have Mrs. Doubtfire be your nanny. Ahh, those were the days.

When it comes to watching movies from the ‘90s with your kids, the hardest part will be deciding where to start. With a whole decade full of amazing options, you'll have a lot of films to sift through. To take some of the stress out of your decision, I’ve done some of the grunt work. This list of movies is a great place to start if you're wanting to transport your kids to the ‘90s and make them fall in love with the decade.

Before you click on the "New Releases" option on Netflix, consider getting nostalgic with a blast from the past. Revisit these ‘90s movies that you loved as a child and that your kids will love now, proving once again that you are way cooler than your children think.


"Free Willy"

Future activists will be inspired by one boy's mission to free a whale that an aquarium plans to kill.


"Mrs. Doubtfire"

Meet the new nanny! This heart-warming and hilarious film will hit all your emotional buttons.



Working her genius like a boss, Matilda is not your ordinary girl. Even though her parents are rotten, she joins forces with her teacher to do extraordinary things.


"Space Jam"

Only Michael Jordan could dunk with Daffy Duck and make it look cool. Try this movie if you have a little sports fan in the house.


"The Mighty Ducks"

A classic underdog story, The Might Ducks will make you want to strap on your skates and hit the ice.



Jumanji is full of imagination and action that will keep the whole family engaged. And you will see how far digital imaging has come since 1995.


"The Sandlot"

For every kid who has hit a ball over a fence, The Sandlot is a story of courage and friendship that is still relevant today. Oh, and also baseball. That too.


"The Addams Family"

If your kids can handle dark humor and are fascinated by oddities, they will really get into The Addams Family.



Show me a person who doesn't think pigs are adorable and I'll show you a person who's never seen Babe. How could you not love this sweet little pink face?


"Dr. Dolittle"

Animals that can talk? A veterinarian who can understand them? Eddie Murphy? How can this not be hilarious?


"The Baby Sitters Club"

Based on the series, The Baby Sitters Club, the movie shows us what happens when the baby sitters put on a camp for the neighborhood kids.


"Little Giants"

When an unlikely group of misfit football wannabes put together their own team, antics are sure to follow. Any little football lover will think this flick is great.


"Good Burger"

Laugh along with Ed and Dexter as they take on the evil Mondo Burger. Dude, I swear you'll be saying, "dude" for the next week, dude.



You'll have to wait till your child is a little older to introduce them to this classic, but it's be well worth the wait to hear them utter the phrase "As if."


"My Girl"

If you're not afraid to ugly cry in front of your kids, put on My Girl. It will have your whole family going through a box of tissues.

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