15 '90s Movies You Look At Differently As An Adult

The '90s was a great decade for cinema. It gave us classics like The Matrix and Clueless, along with hundreds of other films we've grown to cherish. We laughed, we cried, we saw them again. . . and again and again. But as we grow up, some of our reactions to these movies begin to change. Rewatching these classics, I realize that there are certain '90s movies you look at differently as an adult.

Maybe some of your thoughts about these movies change because you've matured and now have a more realistic world view. You look at things more critically, instead of just accepting them. You think about backstory, and practical elements that you never paid attention to as a kid.

In some cases, it just a matter of the movies becoming dated. Technology in the '90s was vastly different than technology today. (Even look at classic '90s television: so much of shows like Friends relies on answering machines, and being unable to reach someone when they're out.)

Maybe you have new thoughts about these movies because you've seen these films so many times, you have the brain space to think analytically about them. No need to follow the plot closely, or even to listen to the dialogue, really, since you can quote it in your sleep. You know the story so well, that you start to notice the plot holes and ridiculous moments that you missed before.

And, mostly, you have different gut reactions to these films because now, you're an adult. But that doesn't mean you don't still love them. Of course you love them — they're the movies of your childhood and teenage years. They will always hold a special place in your heart. But, you may start to question some of the fundamentals of those '90s classics. Just look at the difference between what you thought of these 15 movies in the '90s, and what you probably think about them now.


'Sleepless In Seattle'

'90s You: How romantic! Valentine's Day on top of the Empire State Building!

Adult You: Actually, this is kind of creepy. Annie falls in love with a guy who's voice she heard on the radio, and then basically stalks him? Which also makes her a pretty terrible fiancee to that other guy.


'Home Alone'

'90s You: Wow, that Kevin is one clever kid.

Adult You: Wait a minute...they FORGOT their child?


'The Truman Show'

'90s You: Wow, that's insane. What a high-concept movie.

Adult You: He should have kept the gig and worked out a contract similar to the Kardashians.


'Never Been Kissed'

'90s You: What a charming little love story.

Adult You: OMG I would never go back to high school.


'Pretty Woman'

'90s You: See? This is why you should never judge a book by it's cover. It's a big mistake. Huge.

Adult You: I feel like this sets unrealistic expectations of the life of a prostitute.


'The Titanic'

'90s You: The heartbreak! The tragedy! The romance! Be still my heart!

Adult You: Ok but, tbh, Jack could have fit on that door.


'Big Daddy'

'90s You: Hysterical and heartwarming? I love this movie.

Adult You: Germs! That poor little boy is being exposed to so many germs! And he desperately needs to shower.


'Dazed And Confused'

'90s You: Man, the '70s seem like a lot of fun.

Adult You: Why does the entire town condone these seniors violently beating and harassing 13-year-olds?


'Father Of The Bride'

'90s You: I can't wait to get married someday!

Adult You: BRB, sobbing.


'10 Things I Hate About You'

'90s You: What a good rom-com. And Heath Ledger is so cute.

Adult You: Wait a minute, this is Shakespeare?


'You've Got Mail'

'90s You: Star-crossed lovers, new technology, and Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. This movie is amazing.

Adult You: LOL, remember AOL? Imagine this movie with Tinder.


'My Best Friend's Wedding'

'90s You: Nothing is more tragic than the one who got away.

Adult You: Julia Robert's character is actually being kind of a b***h.


'American Pie'


Adult You: This is actually kind of revolting, but it's still kind of funny.


'The Parent Trap'

'90s You: I absolutely have to learn how to do that handshake.

Adult You: So these parents were just totally fine with never seeing one of their daughters again? That's pretty messed up.


'Silence Of The Lambs'

'90s You: Holy crap, this is terrifying.

Adult You: Holy crap, this is terrifying.

Well, some things never change.

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