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15 '90s Names Your Kid Won't Hate You For Because They're The Bomb Dot Com

If you grew up in the '90s, everything about it just seems so legit. From the sweet treats that are no longer available to the original movies that and TV shows that are being remade now, growing up in the '90s will make you realize you were — by default — apart of the cool crew. Though kids today will never understand the feeling that us kids who grew up in the '90s got, there's a way to give them a little bit of your youth with '90s names your kid won't hate you for.

Since my name was one of those names that everyone asks me to repeat many times after saying, it's not one that I would put on any kid. Though I don't hate my mom for it and I actually like its uniqueness, there were so many other '90s names that I would make me say, "Man, I wish that were my name." (As a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I definitely wished for her name once or twice in my youth. Heck, I even wished for the Cordelia, too.)

If neither one of the Buffy characters are what you were thinking of to name your kid nowadays, these other 15 options from the '90s may fit the bill.



The name Nicholas was super popular in the '90s as it was the name of many actors including Nicolas Cage and Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Nicholas Brendan. The name, which is from a Greek derivative, means "people of victory."



Though Tyler is still a pretty common name currently, I remember growing up with plenty of them in the '90s. Known to be a unisex name now, Tyler means "maker of tiles" and is an English occupational name.



Another unisex name from the '90s was the cool and cute name, Ashley. Meaning "dweller near the ash tree meadow," this popular English name from the '90s will totally be the bomb dot com.



From the popular singer to the '90s cult classic's lead character, the name Cher literally took over the '90s. Deriving from the French meaning of "beloved," there's no way your little one will go against this one.



Serving as a shorter form of the English name Augustine, Austin means "great, magnificent." No wonder Austin Powers was such a great movie.



Cody, which is a unisex name, means "helpful, pillow," and is still as cute now as it was back then.



Though Shane can also be a unisex name, I recall it being used more for boys back in the '90s. Serving as an Anglicized version of the name Sean, Shane means "God is gracious."



Chase, which comes from a French origin, literally means to "hunt." Naming your little one this name could get them ready for a starring role in any Hunger Games movie remake.



Alyssa Milano was one of my favorite actresses in the '90s and the name is still the cutest to me. Alyssa is an English variation of Alicia and means "noble."



The name Kelsey can be used for both a male and female and was made popular with the arrival of actor Kelsey Grammar. Coming from an English origin, Kelsey means "island."



Also a unisex name, when I hear the name Haley, I think of actor Haley Joel Osment. Deriving from the English language, the name means "hay field."



Another name that took over the '90s because of his massive appeal with the ladies in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series was Angel. The Latin meaning of the name is messenger.



Logan is a Scottish name that can work for both a young boy or girl, and means "little hollow."



The name Kristen is one that surrounded me in elementary school during the '90s and would have no problem surviving today. The name, which is a Danish and Norwegian variation of the name Christine, means "a Christian."



Although I've only known the name Dustin to be for a male, it's become more of a unisex name over the years. Whether you use it for your little boy or girl this year, know that the Norse originating name means "Thor's stone."