15 Apps To Help Baby Sleep Better, Which Will Help You Sleep Too

If you've got a new baby at home, a night of uninterrupted sleep is probably something you've been missing big time. Unfortunately for parents, your new little bundle of joy has no idea that a 4:00 a.m. feeding can be pretty painful for their caregivers, especially if they are also juggling work and caring for other children between feedings. Thankfully, there are tech geniuses out there who totally feel your pain, and have developed some pretty cool apps to help baby sleep better.

White noise, massage, and even sounds from nature can help getting your baby to drift off to dreamland much easier. And now, you don't need to buy a mobile, a white noise machine, or stand at the crib humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You can find lots of help out there that can be downloaded easily to your smartphone or tablet. And the best part of all is that now you can take all of this wonderful sleep-inducing convenience with you on your summer vacation.

Although these apps won't exactly guarantee you get a full eight hours, they will help make bedtime a little less stressful for everyone. So add an iTunes gift card to your baby registry and download a little help to ensure you and baby have a more peaceful night's sleep.


Baby Snooze

This app takes baby back to where it all began. By recreating the sounds of mommy's womb, Baby Snooze ($2.99) is great to lull newborns into a peaceful sleep.


Lightening Bug Sleep Clock

The Lightening Bug Sleep Clock (Free) app for Android has more than 200 white noise sounds that parents can mix and loop, as well as an alarm clock for moms and dads.


Baby Massage Basics

Baby Massage Basics (Free) gives parents the tools they need to safely rub their baby down into a restful sleep, including techniques and rhymes to sing.


Baby Shusher

There's no need to stand over your fussy baby with pursed lips until they fall asleep. Now, the Baby Shusher ($4.99) does the work for you. Parents are even able to record the sound of their own shush, and adjust the sound to the volume of their baby's cry.


Lullaby For Baby

Lullaby For Baby (Free) for Android recreates the peaceful lullaby tunes of a music box, to guarantee a good night sleep for baby.


Baby Sleep Care Pro

Moms and dads can record the sounds of their voices, singing or shushing with Baby Sleep Care Pro ($1.99). The app also has a feature that can detect noise from baby and call the parents with an alert.


Baby Sleep Sounds

Baby Sleep Sounds (Free) is an app for Android that creates white noise sounds and lullaby music for baby.


Sound Sleeper

The days of running the vacuum or hair dryer in the middle of the night are over. Sound Sleeper (Free) recreates common white noise sounds with a timer you can set for your baby's sleep.


Baby Sleep Trainer

Once you're done with late-night feedings, you can begin the process of teaching baby to soothe themselves back to sleep. Baby Sleep Trainer ($0.99) walks parents through this often difficult period, and allows them to save notes in the training log.


White Noise Ambience

White Noise Ambience ($1.99) includes more than 80 relaxing sounds that can be mixed together to create a soothing symphony for your baby.


Nature Sounds Relax And Sleep

Let baby fall asleep to the sound of rain, a waterfall, or birds with Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep (Free) app for Android.


Sleep Pillow Baby Lullaby

Sleep Pillow Baby Lullaby ($0.99) plays sweet tunes while baby snoozes.


Sleep Genius Baby: Calming Nap and Sleeping Music for Babies

Make bed time and nap time more pleasant for baby with Sleep Genius Baby ($1.99), which was developed by experts to play calming music that helps a baby's neurological development while they sleep.


Lullabies and Children Songs For Babies and Their Parents

Lullabies and Children Songs For Babies and their Parents ($0.99) plays sweet sounds to help baby get to sleep. The app allows parents to play the music in the background while using other apps.


Baby Sleep Lullabies

Baby Sleep Lullabies ($0.99) allows you to select a plush toy and create a corresponding playlist of baby's favorite lullabies. Set a timer for three minutes or more, to keep the music playing until baby falls asleep.