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April Fools' Day Tweets To Make You LOL

April Fools' Day is here, no joke. Although the practical jokesters of the world treat this holiday as the most important, putting weeks of prep into their jokes, others aren't so keen on a day filled with tricks. That being said, there is a way to enjoy the holiday without having to pull a prank (or have a prank pulled on you). There are plenty of April Fools' Day tweets that will even make the holiday's biggest haters laugh out loud.

If you're not laughing at someone else's bad luck on April 1 or pulling pranks, then you'll be trying to avoid the madness. And since you'll probably be scrolling on your phone all day anyways, you should dedicate a little extra time to see what Twitter has in store for you on this day.

Whip out your phone to show and share these hilarious tweets with others, whether you're relaxing at home after a week of work, chasing after the kids, or getting dinner with friends. You, and probably everyone you know, could always use a wholehearted belly laugh every once in awhile — or really every day (and April Fools' Day is no exception). Just make sure that no one tries to get you with their own tomfoolery this weekend.


Halfway There

I'd choose busting a gut from laughing over going for a run any day.


Oh, The Innocence

You both unfortunately have many April Fools' Days ahead of you. May luck be forever on your side.


Keeping It Real



This Is Your Warning: Beware

Just stay inside. It's safe there.


Long Distance Prankster

I've been looking forward to this day all year.


Could You Imagine?

April, do you have something you need to tell us?


Oh, You Got Me

It takes some time to warm up.


May The Odds Be In Your Favor

It's likely, very likely.


Don't Grow Up

You're never too old for a good prank.


Can't Put My Finger On It

Hm, what day could it possibly be?


Seeking Out The Truth

I'm just trying to live.


The Queen of Daytime

No days off.


In An Alternate Universe

What kind of sick world would this be?


Sure, Let's Go With That

Get them when they least expect it.


Setting Boundaries

Mom has had enough.