15 Children's Audiobooks That Will Keep You Entranced, Too

by Cat Bowen

My family is a collection of huge book nerds. We are the people you see trying to cross the street with our noses in a book. Our living room is basically a library, and my kids and I are on a first name basis with all of the wonderful librarians at the Brooklyn Public Library near our home. When we're in the car, or hanging out at home, we love listening to audiobooks and enjoying the story together. And because I want everyone to love audiobooks, I've compiled a list of audiobooks for kids that won't bore parents to tears.

Many people are put off by the price of audiobooks, not understanding that there are a ton of options for procuring them. Your local library likely has a huge catalog ready to download to your phone via whatever app they use. There is Scribd, which is $9 per month and grants you access to hundreds of audiobooks, ebooks, and magazines, while Amazon's Audible can be pretty reasonable, too. There are Audible Originals and Prime books with discounted audiobooks available each month with your subscription. There are also tons of sales and bonus credit deals. iTunes also usually has a few great sales happening as well.

I have linked to all of these via Audible, but that's only because I was pulling them directly from my own library. I encourage you to check your library as well.


'The Girl Who Drank The Moon' by Kelly Barnhill

Imagine being raised by a witch, a dragon, and a swamp monster in the woods after being gifted an incredible amount of magic. Kelly Barnhill's The Girl Who Drank The Moon will grip you from minute one.


'Riley Mack and Other Known Troublemakers' by Chris Grabenstein

Riley Mack by Chris Grabenstein is only on Audible, but the full cast and romp of a story are totally worth the cost. It's nonstop hijinks with one of the most talented group of performers I've ever heard.


'Adventures With Waffles' By Maria Parr

Oh my goodness, the narration. One of my all time favorite narrators Luke Daniels narrates Adventures With Waffles by Maria Parr, and it's amazing.


'The Mage and The Magpie' by Austin J. Bailey

Austin J. Bailey's The Mage and The Magpie captures children with its time-traveling hilarity and rapid fire dialogue. My daughter wanted to stay up late listening to this one.


'The Magic Misfits' by Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris wrote and narrated this absolute gem. It's everything you would expect from a book written by NPH. It's basically perfect. It's more than a little magical, and kids will stay rapt while listening.


'Harry Potter' by JK Rowling

I don't care if you've read the book a zillion times. I don't care if you can quote the entire movie from memory. Everyone needs to listen to Jim Dale's version of JK Rowling's classic.


'Pax' by Sara Pennypacker

Sara Pennypacker rips your heart out, squeezes it a little bit, and then places it back gently in your chest and sews it up lovingly. It's about a boy who keeps a fox as a pet before being forced across the country. It's similar to Milo and Otis, but without all the animal mistreatment.


'Hello, Universe' by Erin Entrada Kelly

This book is all about finding your own inner hero. I'll admit, I'm a bit partial to this story as both my daughter and I are hard of hearing, and so is one of the main characters.


'Wishtree' by Katherine Applegate

This book deals with everything from racism to the value of life to what it means to love deeply and truly. Katherine Applegate tells the story through a centuries old tree and the creatures who live in its boughs.


'Beyond the Bright Sea' By Lauren Wolk

Lauren Wolk's story of an abandoned child and what it means to make your own family is sure to pull at your heartstrings and enthrall your children.


'Ban This Book' by Alan Gratz

What would you do if your favorite book was banned by the library because someone said it was inappropriate? That's the basis of Alan Gratz's Ban This Book, and it's incredibly inspiring.


'Aruh Shah and the End Of Time' by Roshani Chokshi

Chokshi's Aruh Shah is one of those precious books we ended up purchasing in all available formats. Ebooks for waiting on line at the store, a hardcover for reading at home, and the audiobook for on the go. It's all about a girl with a rich fantasy life who might have sort of... released a demon. Tricky.


'Dragon Pearl' by Yoon Ha Lee

Part Chinese folktale, part space opera, this is one of the fastest books you'll ever have the good fortune to read. The tale of a magical fox spirit who cannot reveal her true nature to others, you'll follow Min as she starts her journey to the Space Forces. It just flies.


'The Graveyard Book' by Neil Gaiman

Gaiman's tale of Nobody Owens, the boy who grows up in a graveyard raised by spirits and guardian who lives between worlds, will seep into your very soul and live there. It's one of the most touching books you'll ever read.


'Zero G' by Dan Wells

True Story: my daughter is reading this right now, and I'm in love with it. It's about a boy who is on a ship full of people who are essentially asleep on a journey to go colonize another planet (an empty planet, nothing shifty). Unfortunately, on the ride that is supposed to take 100 years, the boy wakes early.