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15 Awesome Secret Santa Gifts Under $10, Because You Don't Need To Go Broke To Be Thoughtful

Plenty of friends, families, and work buddies will participate in a game of Secret Santa this year, and with good reason: It's fun to receive presents from a mystery person. If you're in need of a surprise present for your own gift exchange, then allow this list of Secret Santa gifts under $10 lend you a helping hand.

Kitchen gadgets, decorative items, foods, and plants, are all excellent, affordable Secret Santa gift ideas that can be purchased for less than $10. And while some of these finds fit in the "just for fun" category, most are actually useful. It's pretty great how much you can indulge a gift recipient for so little cash.

Oh, and if it's been a minute since the last time you played the holiday game, here's a quick refresher on the basic idea. All participants enter their name into a drawing and everyone draws a random gift recipient, according to Elfster. On the day of the gift exchange, everyone gets to guess who served as their Secret Santa. It's an easy way to manage presents for large groups — even buying super cheap presents for dozens of people can really add up — and the guessing game can get pretty silly, particularly if a little wine is allowed at the party. Overall, it's a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate the holidays with more people while spending less than you normally would.


For The Makeup Enthusiast

20-Piece Makeup Brush Set, $9, Amazon

Over two-thousand Amazon reviewers can't be wrong. This makeup brush set contains everything you need to put on a full face, and the dense bristles tend to resist shedding. It's perfect for anyone who's just getting into cosmetics, as well as the devoted beauty junkie who needs a fresh sent of brushes.


For The Coffee Fan

Travel Coffee Mug, $7, Amazon

If your gift recipient is a big fan of coffee or hot tea, then you're in luck. This mug is an insulated go-cup that will hold 16 ounces of their drink of choice. It's microwave and dishwasher safe, rolling everything they love about paper to-go cups (reheat much?) and mugs into one. Plus, it fits in standard cup holders.


For The Gourmet Snacker

Champagne Gummy Bears, $9, Sugarfina

Elevate your snack game. These fancy gummy bears are both pretty and delicious. Plus, they're made with Dom Pérignon Champagne to make your gift recipient feel extra-special.


For The Artistic Type

Flex Cover Journal, $9, Target

Everyone needs a place to jot down thoughts and sketches. These journals are an especially pretty way to practice artistic skills, or even just write down grocery lists. Plus, the watercolor prints help them stand out from the crowd.


For The Person Who Is Chill Or Needs To Be

Mini Zen Garden, $8, Barnes & Noble

Does someone in your life need the gift of chill? If so, the tiny zen garden is a perfect choice. It includes a tray, sand, rocks, rake, and 32-page book all about Zen gardening.


For The Bath Lover

Star Bath Bomb, $9, Lush

As far as bathing luxuries go, bath bombs are the bomb. And this one lets your gift recipient enjoy a fun, multicolored soak with a celestial shape. Plus, ingredients like murumuru butter and almond oil leave skin moisturized and soft.


For The Avocado Toast Fiend

Avocado Food Huggers, $8, Uncommon Goods

If your chosen person is a big avocado fan, then this is an adorable gift. The silicone sleeves fit over half of an avocado, acting like a lid for your favorite snack. This will cut down on food waste and make sure more tasty avocados are put to good use.


For The Well-Groomed

Retractable Lint Roller, $7, The Grommet

Anyone on your gift list who owns a furry pet would probably love this little gadget, because it provides a fast and easy way to get rid of unwanted lint and hair. Plus, this roller is compact and made for travel. There won't be any sticky sheets to deal with, because the lint-grabbing parts all retract back into the base.


For The Folk Art Fan

Folk Pad Printed Bowl, $8, West Elm

These pretty bowls will jazz up any morning breakfast or lunchtime soup. The funky bowls, available in six different prints, would make a fine gift for just about anyone on your list. Chances are, they'll end up on the counter as a display piece.


For The Amateur Gardener

Golden Devil's Ivy Houseplant, $20, Amazon

A low-maintenance house plant makes a great gift for almost anyone, regardless of their gardening experience. A vine that thrives in indirect sunlight, golden devil's ivy is easy to grow and maintain. Despite the slightly threatening name, it would brighten up any office or kitchen window.


For The Holiday Celebrator

Peppermint Tea Light Candles, $6, Pier 1 Imports

These adorable candles are perfect for anyone who totally loves the holiday season. Scented with vanilla and mint, they add a little touch of whimsy to holiday decor. Hopefully no one will try to eat the tasty-looking things.


For The Candy Lover

Gourmet Chocolate Mints, $8,

These vibrant mints are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. They're refreshingly different from typical holiday candies.


For The Outspoken

Light Box Keychain, $6, Kikkerland

Let your gift recipient send a message to the world. This cool keychain comes with 72 letters so your can customize the light-up message. What phrase should it show?


For The Whimsical Person

Harper + Oldham Strawberry Drinking Jar, $6, Fishs Eddy

OK, this is one seriously cute jar. It features a rediscovered illustration from American Modernist Charley Harper (1922-2007). It's a whimsical way to serve iced tea or store food.


For The Friend On The Go

BPA-Free Water Bottle, $10, Amazon

The 12 ounce size of this minimalist water bottle is perfect for when you don't want to lug around a day's worth of H2O. With a carry strap and leakproof design, it's perfect for on-the-go types.

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