15 Baby Names For Creative Children Who'll Paint The World With Awesome


No matter your level of creativity, wanting to instill a sense of artistry in your child-to-be is an admirable goal. You may not be the next Beyoncé, Harper Lee, or Rembrandt (or maybe you are...) but regardless of your level of creativity, raising a creative child is important to many parents. And what better place to start than with their name? Baby names for creative childrens aren't hard to stumble upon, but deciding on one that will stand out and inspire your child to create is another matter entirely.

According to a study at Goshen College in Indiana, a child's creativity decreases as they get older, so it's important to instill a lifelong love of creating in them from a young age. And although choosing a famous author or artist as a namesake or name that means creative doesn't necessarily guarantee that your kid will become the next great thinker, painter or musician, it can definitely lay the foundation for a more creative life.

This list of 15 names is packed with enough inspiration to inspire you in your quest for the perfect baby name. From famous authors, to musical terms, to words that are just downright beautiful, you're bound to find the perfect name for your tiny artist.

1. Allegra

RebeccaVC1/ Flickr

This musical name literally means joyous, and when applied to music means to play with lively, upbeat tempo, making this name much more than just a cute choice.

2. Orion

Tom Hall/ Flickr

The Greek mythological hunter, turned constellation is a unique choice rooted in the pages of some of the most creative and fascinating stories in history.

3. Angelou

Maya Angelou was one of the most influential and eloquent poets, authors and civil activists of our time and would be a beautiful namesake for your tiny world changer.

4. Story

Helene Samson/ Flickr

This name is much more than just cute— it will inspire you kiddo to view their life as just that — a beautiful story.

5. Ellington

Will Powell/ Flickr

One of the best and most influential Jazz musicians ever, Duke Ellington's name is as smooth as his music and would be the perfect namesake for your little man.

6. Sonnet

Pawel Loj/ Flickr

Is there a more poetic name out there? I don't think so. Literally meaning little song, this name is just as adorable as it is inspiring.

7. Leonardo

Cambridge Brewing Co/ Flickr

With an already impressive repertoire of namesakes, from Da Vinci to Di Caprio, Leonardo means brave lion, giving it an air of power.

8. Monet

David D/ Flickr

Claude Monet, the founder of the French Impressionist painting movement, has a name that is as calming and inspiring as his paintings. It would be a great gender neutral choice as well.

9. Hendrix

The iconic singer and guitar legend from the '60s and '70s would make a great namesake if you're looking for an option that's a little bit edgy and unexpected.

10. Forrest

Robert Valencia/ Flickr

This nature inspired name encouraged wandering, exploring and pushing limits— a perfect gender neutral option for any creative little one.

11. Aria

Peasap/ Flickr

This name is rooted in opera, but literally means air or lioness. It's delicate and sweet, but has a powerful meaning.

12. Harper

Bruna Ferrara;/ Flickr

It's hard to compete with one of the most iconic writers of our time, but why not use her name as inspiration? Meaning harp player, Harper is a brilliant gender neutral choice.

13. Cadence

Rachael Towne/ Flickr

Another musical term meaning rhythm or beat, Cadence is a melodic and airy choice for a baby girl.

14. Frida

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, renowned for her stunning and creative self portraits, is an inspiration to feminists and traditionalists alike. Her name means peaceful and is as unique as her work.

15. Isla

Susana Fernandez/ Flickr

Pronounced "eye-lah", this stunning name means island and practically radiates creativity and inspiration.