15 Baby Names From Mythology That Have A God-Like Quality

If you’re searching for a name for your newest addition that has a great meaning behind it but isn’t run of the mill, why not turn to the pages of mythology? These ancient stories are packed full of gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines (some reputable, some not so much- but we will save those for a different list). They all have one thing in common- baby names from mythology are as unique as they are meaningful.

Ancient cultures took the names of their deities very seriously- choosing their names based on characteristics the god or goddess exemplified- things like courage, or power, or even natural themes like the sun or a forest. If the character had a noteworthy story, their name would reflect it.

Though the ancient Greeks have perhaps the most famous mythology, most cultures have their own lists of important figures. From Irish folklore to Scandinavian myth, each historical culture has gods and goddesses they honored and tried to emulate. Heroism, courage, love, and self-sacrifice are just a few of the themes repeated throughout the pages of mythology texts. Though it’s impossible to cover every culture’s extensive mythology, this list of 15 names from the pages of history are nothing short of extraordinary (in every sense of the word) and would provide a great starting point for the story of your little god or goddess-to-be.



According to Greek Mythology, Apollo is the son of Zeus and the god of music, light and truth- quite an inspiring repertoire to pass on to your artist-to-be.



Phoebe makes appearances in Greek mythology as the Titan daughter of Uranus. Her name also appears in the Bible, and Shakespeare (and, of course Friends.) Meaning bright, shining one, this is the perfect name for little light of your life.



A character from Homer’s Iliad, this name exudes strength and confidence. What better traits to impart on your child?



The Greek goddess of the moon, Selene would be a unique twist on the more popular Selena.



In Greek mythology, Leander swims the Hellespont each night to be with his lover Hero (who also has a noteworthy name.) Although the name is relatively unknown in the states, Hero is a popular name in Norway meaning lion man.



Renowned as the most beautiful woman in Greece, Helen of Troy is known as “the face that launched a thousand ships”. Much more than a pretty face though- Helen was as smart as she was beautiful and helped to save the life of her husband.



Who doesn’t want to be a queen? The most powerful Greek goddess, Hera means protectress. A name that would hopefully inspire your daughter to defend her peers.



A name from Scandinavian mythology meaning warrior, Gunnar would be a unique choice that exudes strength.



Branwen, which means beautiful raven, is the the Celtic goddess of love and beauty- a beautiful, mysterious name with a meaning every parent would want for their child.



Greek mythology cites Daphne as nymph who was eventually turned into a tree. Beautiful and definitely original, this moniker is a more subtle nod to nature.



This Irish hero of mythology was known for his wisdom and bravery. His name is a quirky, gender neutral choice that would be great for your little adventurer.



Athena is the goddess of wisdom, warfare, courage, mathematics. . . and a myriad of other things. This elegant name would make a great choice for parents looking for something enlightened.



Derived from the mythological name Gwendolyn and made popular by Gwen Stefani, this name means holy, or white circle- a great, underrated choice with an important meaning.



The name of the mythical English king has seen some neglect in recent years — why not help it make a worthy come back?



Meaning strong lord, a griffin is the half-lion, half-eagle creature of English mythology. The name has seen a slight surge in popularity, but is still a very unique option.