15 Baby Names Inspired By Books You Read As A Kid

Inspiration for baby names can come from anywhere. And while the unlimited possibilities may seem overwhelming to expecting parents caught in the tedious "name game," there is no shortage of places to look for ideas. From family names, to names popular in foreign countries, to names drawn from pop culture, exploring the vast amount of options out there can be as exhilarating as it is exhausting. But what about baby names inspired by books you read as a kid? Literary names are bound to be unique and come with an inherent story built in.

There's no denying the power your favorite books had on you as you grew up. Whether you aspired to be the next Harriet the Spy, longed to go on adventures through the wardrobe with the Pevensie siblings, or always secretly wished you could be the king of the wild things too, children have an undeniable connection to books. So choosing to name your child after one of your favorite literary characters has a poetry all it's own and is the perfect way to pass on your love of storytelling and reading to your future baby.

No matter the style of books you liked growing up, your child will love hearing about the story behind their name and the reasons why you chose it.



You may remember the titular character from Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, the funny story of a boy whose day just wasn't going as he'd hoped. His name is a classic, meaning "defending men," that makes the perfect boy name.

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Lucy Pevensie was the youngest of the siblings from The Chronicles of Narnia. She was brave, kind, and sweet, and with a name meaning "light", would make a great namesake.

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Charlotte's Web is a classic with definite staying power, and so is the name of the titular character. Charlotte means "free man" and is the feminine form of Charles.

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Christopher Robin was a little boy with a big imagination, as told in The Tales of Winnie the Pooh. His name means "bearer of Christ," and is a longstanding classic.

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This sweet French name meaning "high tower or woman from Magdala" is as adorable as the little girl with the same name from the popular Madeline series.

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Ramona is a classic Spanish name, but is also well known from the spunky little girl from Beverly Cleary's Ramona series. The name means "wise protector" and is a quirky choice with a great meaning.

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Whether you read the books as a kid or grew to love them when you were older, there's no denying the impact that the Harry Potter books have had. A popular English name, Harry means "estate ruler" and is a worthy choice for any baby boy, wizard or not.

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Where the Wild Things Are is a classic children's book about an adventurous little boy who becomes the king of the wild things. His name means "greatest" and is the perfect short name option.

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Alice means "noble" and is the sweetest way to pay tribute to the classic story Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.

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Though Eloise is geared towards "precocious adults" it's one that many kids loved as well. Eliose means "healthy" and has French roots.

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One of the main characters of Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus, which is Latin for "from Attica," is a great name that's both unique and classic at the same time.

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If Tom is too worn out for your taste, choosing Mark Twain's classic character's last name, which means "woodcutter," is a much more unique option.

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Everyone's favorite kid spy, Harriet The Spy's Harriet has a name that's not wildly popular, but one that definitely deserves a comeback.

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Klaus, one of the three Baudelaire children who get caught in a Series of Unfortunate Events. His name is a German diminutive of Nicolas and is as unique as is sounds.

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