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15 Back To School Items From Target For $5 Or Less, Because You're All About A Great Deal

It's time to stock up on school supplies again, but that doesn't mean you have to shell out a fortune for all those pencils and glue bottles. The essential back to school items from Target for $5 or less will keep both your child and your wallet happy.

If it feels like back to school shopping gets a little pricier every year, well, you aren't imagining things. On average, US households spend an average of $112 on school supplies, according to a 2018 Deloitte Survey. Oh, and this amount doesn't even include clothes, computers, or electronic gadgets. It's just the basics, such as pens, pencils, and notebooks. It's a good bit of cash, but your kid does need the right tools for school.

That said, parents are handling these price increase cleverly. "Parents aren't just spending more money on back to school, they're getting more strategic with their shopping," said Shopping & Trends Expert for RetailMeNot, Sara Skirboll, in Markets Insider. "We found that 85 percent have given themselves five weeks to gather all the necessary school supplies for the start of the school year." Giving yourself plenty of time to round up the supplies can help.

Another way to spend strategically on back to school shopping is to find a store where most all of the supplies are affordably priced. That's where Target comes in, because it offers low priced school supplies all season. You and your kid can prep for the incoming school year with budget-friendly supplies. Oh, and they're all super cute as well.

1Pencils & Eraser

7pc #2 Pencil Set with Eraser Rain Cloud


These are the cutest #2 pencils I've ever seen. Plus, your kid will love the adorable eraser that's included.

2Mechanical Pencils For Kids

Paper Mate 21pc Handwriting Mechanical #2 Pencil Set


Mechanical pencils are super handy, but their tiny barrels aren't always easy for tiny hands to grip. These triangular mechanical pencils are made just for kids, making those handwriting lessons easier than ever.

3Pencil Case

1-Zipper Binder Pencil Case Unicorn


With its cute unicorn decorations, this pencil pouch is both fun and functional. In addition, it can fit right into a 3-ring binder.

4Washable Markers

Crayola® Ultra-Clean Markers Fine Line Washable 10ct


What's better than a fresh box of markers? Markers that can clean up easily in the wash. Because you know those things are going to color all over pants, shoes, and arms in addition to art projects.

5Glitter Glue

Glitter Glue 10 ct


Hey, the only thing better than regular school glue is glitter glue. This whole pack of colors will give your kid tons of creative options.

6Iridescent Spiral Notebook

Spiral Notebook 1 Subject College Ruled Iridescent


No one said school supplies have to be dull. This shiny, holographic binder will become your kid's prized possession.

7Glitter Ruler

Glitter Ruler


Gold and shiny, this ruler will measure up to your kid's expectations.

8A 'Frozen' Water Bottle

Disney Frozen Anna Zak Designs 16oz Plastic Water Bottle


This adorable little bottle makes hydration fun. It's perfect for the 'Frozen' fan in your life.

9Solar Calculator

Casio HS8VA Solar Powered Pocket Calculator


A solar-powered calculator for less than five bucks? This is schoolroom perfection.

10Adorable Erasers

Ticonderoga® Erasers, 3ct


These durable erasers should last your kid for a while. Plus, they are shaped like tiny pencils, which is pretty fun.

11Construction Paper

9x12 Construction Paper - 200ct


This large pack of construction paper will spark your kid's creativity.

12Colorful Pencil Cases

Transparent Pencil Case Assorted Multicolor


Send your kid back to school with a little flair. This pencil case is pretty cool.

13Neon Pencils

6ct Neon #2.5 Pencils


These half-and-half pencils are beyond adorable. Plus, the colors they produce are nice and bright.


heyday™ Wired Earbuds


Older kids will probably appreciate a fresh pair of earbuds. This stylish pair should be a hit.

15Ring Binder

Mini 1" Ring Binder Rose Gold


School supplies can be both affordable and cute. Just check out this brightly patterned ring binder. With this and a few more school supplies from Target, your kid can be ready for school without breaking the bank.