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15 Bad Boys Names Of The '90s For Your Future Trouble Maker

When you're researching baby names for your future child, "bad boys throughout the decades" probably isn't your go-to genre for namesakes. But let me make a case here, because ,like most aspects of the '90s, there is endless potential for baby names that haven't been popular since that glorious decade, but that are slowly making their way back around. So even if bad boys names of the '90s isn't your top choice for namesakes, these names are definitely worth considering.

If you can look me in the eye and tell me you never honestly had a crush on any of these bad boy heartthrobs, I still might not believe you. From Uncle Jesse from Full House to the original Bad Boys Record band 112, to Rufio from Hook, the '90s were packed with fodder for future generations to maybe not look up to, but admire nonetheless.

I'm a firm believer in looking to the unexpected places for inspiration and while the '90s are well established as an awesome time to be alive, the bad boys of that generation don't get the credit they deserve. So instead of searching the top 100 charts and "tried and true" places for baby name inspiration, try turning to the decade we all know and love for baby name fodder.



Dylan McKay was a main character on Beverly Hills, 90210 and is usually seen as the slightly rebelious loner of the friend group. His name means "son of the sea" and is the perfect name to bring back from the '90s.



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Quinnes Parker was one of the lead vocals of '90s R&B Bad Boy band 112. His name is an invented name but is a elongated version of Quinn which means "wise."



This animal name is rising in popularity, and while it might not be due to the X-Files' character Fox Mulder, it's definitely a name with a bad boy edge to it.



Although he's not necessarily your stereotypical "bad boy," Chandler Bing was just sarcastic enough to fit the bill. His name means "candle maker" and ever since the show's end, has been rising in popularity.



With two first names to choose from, Marc Anthony was the classiest bad boy around. Anthony means "priceless one" in Latin and is a great choice for any baby boy.



Uncle Jesse from Full House was the majority of the '90s population's first crush. With just the right combination of bad boy and sweetheart, he's a shoe-in for this list. His name means "gift" in Hebrew and is a great gender-neutral name.



Tyler Durden from Fight Club was the bad boy who wasn't really there. Played by none other than Brad Pitt, his name means "maker of titles" and is an English occupational name.



At least one of the *NSYNC boys had to make the cut and with his earrings, goatee, and haircut, Joey Fatone fit the bill. His name is short for Joseph, which means "Jehovah increases."



Trent Lane, though fictional, was a bad boy nonetheless. The Daria character was the quintessential slacker bad boy — I mean, look at those piercings. His name means "the flooder" and is a rather unique choice nowadays.



Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World was a reliable best friend, but was stuck with the bad boy label anyway. His name means "God is gracious."



Daniel Desario from Freaks and Geeks was played by James Franco and a self-labeled freak. His name means "God is my judge" in Hebrew.



Jared Leto's character from My So-Called Life was named Jordan and he's the quintessential misunderstood bad boy. His name means "flowing down" in Hebrew after the Jordan river.



While naming your son after Rufio, the leader of the Lost Boys in Hook might seem a little bit over the top, naming him after the actor is so subtle it just might work. Dante Basco was the heartthrob behind Rufio. His name means "enduring."



Will Smith played in the Bad Boys movie that could be blamed for our obsession with bad boys in the first place. His name means "resolute protector" and is a diminutive of William.



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And finally, a name that screams bad boy, Ace means "one or unity" and the preferable namesake is the band Ace of Base, not Ace Ventura.