15 Beauty Tips From Disney Princesses That Don't Require Help From Birds & Mice

Cinderella. Tiana. Belle. Every Disney princess holds a lesson in being beautiful. Take Brave's Merida, kicking ass with her bow and arrow while tossing that mane of red curls. Or Jasmine, smiling into the mirror with those gorgeously on-fleek eyebrows, brushing her hair. Sure, these icons are animated, but we regular mortals can still totally benefit from beauty tips from Disney princesses.

Since childhood, people have swooned over the seemingly effortless grace and beauty of their fave princesses — their ability to wear flowers in their hair, their delicately shaped eyebrows, their DIY know-how. Well, such gorgeousness isn’t only attainable by cartoons. You can rock the coolest hair accessories and master the perfect arch, too. Of course, there are some factors that just aren’t applicable to us real folk. Cute, tiny animals aren’t going to help us put together a fab new DIY outfit, and no matter how generous your godmother is, she probably isn’t able to offer you the whole Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo beauty package complete with horse, carriage, and glass slippers. But there are some beauty tips that really are useful — like these 15 important ones that will make you feel like Disney royalty (you’ll practically hear the bluebirds singing as you apply your makeup in the morning.)


Embrace Your Natural-Born Locks

There's no such thing as a Disney princess who doesn't embrace the hair she was born with. You think Merida spent any time at all with thermal spray and a flat iron?


Take Care Of Your Hair

Loving your locks means practicing healthy hair habits. Just note that while the princesses seem to spend hours brushing their hair in front of a mirror, too much brushing is a common hair mistake for actual people.


Rock Some Good Headwear

Don't forget to adorn those tresses. A rhinestone-encrusted tiara is sure to make you hold your head high, but if that's too much, remember Snow White's trademark red headband.


Get Your Beauty Sleep

The idea of "beauty sleep" is no fairy tale. Whether you sleep prettily and surrounded by bluebirds or with your mouth hanging open, a good night's rest actually makes you feel and look better.


Go Minimal

When it comes to makeup, flatter your features... but don't go overboard. Put a minimalist beauty routine into practice to accentuate your natural beauty.


Rock A Natural Glow

And speaking of minimalist, whether you're experimenting with bronzers during the winter or simply utilizing everyday tips for the natural, no-makeup look, the desired effect is the same: realistically radiant skin.


Add A Pop Of Color

And nothing will accentuate that natural look like lip color in a bright shade of red or pink.


Learn To Take A Compliment

It's not easy, but many people need to learn to accept a compliment without making a gagging noise, apologizing for not looking better, or for instantly low-balling ourselves ("Really? Because I haven't washed my hair in four days.")


Try A Makeover If You Feel Like It

You can love who you are and still enjoy a change. (And get ready to graciously accept a lot of compliments!)


Try To DIY

You don't need to drop an entire paycheck on a new wardrobe. Shop your closet, rediscover old pieces, and don't hesitate to create some DIY threads out of older outfits.


Create The Perfect Brow

While there isn't one-brow-shape-fits-all (Jasmine was totally on-fleek, and Tiana rocked a perfect arch) you have to find the shape that right for you and master the steps to making it happen.


Elevate Your Look With An Updo

A chic, braided 'do is totally on-trend and fit for a princess — and even lazy girls can master it.


Wear Your Size

Own your size, whether it conforms to beauty "norms" or not. Where would Cinderella be if she tried to wedge her feet into a smaller shoe?


Know How To Make An Entrance

What's the use of all that gorgeousness if you don't know how to make an entrance?


Feel Good About Yourself

Rapunzel wanted her independence; you never heard her bitching about trivial stuff like man shoulders. Feeling good about yourself is irresistibly attractive.

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