15 Best Hairstyles To Wear To Work That'll Have You Looking Put Together No Matter What

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

Having a job that enables me to sit at home with my hair tied up every day has been a complete dream. The fact that I only have to do something to my hair when I'm involved in a video call is one of the best things that ever happened to me. However, when I used to work in PR, having some of the best hairstyles to wear to work was a requirement. Not only did I find ways to change up my 'do every day, but I got many compliments for it too.

Though I don't have to leave the house to clock in for work now, I still have to ensure that I look my best when there's a work event at night. Since I can't just keep my hair wrapped and wear my pajamas like I do during the daytime, staying prepared with the best hair options has come in really, really handy. From sporting a quick updo to wearing a sleek and stylish bun, my roster of go-to hairstyles for work wear have been my saving grace.

If you're looking to add a few new styles to your book of looks to pull from, these 15 tutorials are just right for you.


An Elegant Bun

If you want to keep it a little classy on your way to work, this elegant 2-minute bun tutorial from YouTube account MakeupWearables Hairstyles will help you accomplish that.


Twisted Pompadour

Need a way to keep your natural hair in tact while at the workplace? This twisted pompadour tutorial from Brittany Kyss is what you need.


Soft Braided Updo

Missy Sue's soft braided updo tutorial is a beautiful look for your workplace needs.


Natural Hair Front Flat Twist

This natural hair front flat twist look from Youtuber TJLuvsBeingNatural is the cutest look for your professional endeavors.


Mohawk Pull-Through Braid

Is your workplace a little too reserved to wear a typical mohawk? Try wearing this mohawk pull-through braid from SweetHearts Hair Design's tutorial instead.


Side French Roll With A Twist

French rolls are definitely coming back in style — especially for a workplace look. This side french roll with a twist tutorial from TJLuvsBeingNatural surely proves it.


Rope-Twisted Pinwheel Bun

If you're in need of a way to keep your hair out of your face while at work, this rope-twisted pinwheel bun tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles will help you out.


French Roll

Another french roll hair option comes from K is for Kinky's YouTube tutorial and it's just as gorgeous.


The Sideways French Twist

If the elegant look is what you're looking for on your way to work, this sideways french twist tutorial from The Small Things Blog on YouTube will give you just that.


French Twist With Twist Out Curls

Keep it simple with a french twist with twist out curls from KenyaGurl's tutorial this week at work.


Lace Braided Ponytail

Give yourself a two-in-one style with the lace braided ponytail look from Cute Girls Hairstyles.


Big Sleek Puff

If you're looking for an easy, yet gorgeous look to head to work in this week, try this big sleek puff style from Amor Antasia's YouTube channel.


Ponytail With Puff

The ponytail with puff tutorial from Desi Awesomeness is a quick look that will turn a few heads at work.


Defined Curls

If you have a shorter natural hair look, wearing these defined curls from TappIntoBeauty's YouTube tutorial will be beautiful on you.


French Braid Ponytail

This french braid ponytail from Missy Sue is a great way to keep your hair perfectly tamed throughout the workday.