15 Children's Movies With The Best Happy Endings, That'll Lift Their Spirits (& Yours)

Heartbreak and reality have its place in cinema, and even in children's entertainment to some degree. But sometimes you just want to kick back with your little one and watch a feel-good, fun, family movie. In that case, these children's movies with the best happy endings are the perfect choice. Sometimes you just need a little happily ever after, and that's OK.

Although it's the stereotype that all kid's movies end on a positive note, many films aimed at children do have ambiguous endings. I mean, just think about the Toy Story films and try not to cry. It's serious stuff, right? And just about any Don Bluth film is undercut with some heavy themes about loss of home or family members. (Spoiler alert: at the end of All Dogs Go To Heaven, the lead dog dies. And it's sad.)

So if you're in the mood for a movie where the hero straight-up wins at the end, then look no further. These films have their stressful moments, sure, but everything works out fine for the protagonist and their buddies at the end. And sometimes, that's the thing your family needs most: watching the guy guy (or gal) come up on top and earn their happy ending after so much struggle.


Akeela and the Bee

This inspiring 2006 film follows the adventures of 11-year-old Akeelah and her dream of winning a prestigious spelling bee. Can she overcome a difficult home life and let her intelligence shine?



A sweet-tempered pig decides to learn how to herd sheep in this heartwarming film. Kids of all ages will root for Babe and his friend Farmer Hoggett.


Big Hero 6

With the help of a lovable inflatable robot, as well as his loyal group of friends, the brilliant Hiro becomes a real-life hero in this charming movie.


Finding Nemo

Although the beginning has some sad moments, this film is beautiful, fast-paced, and funny. Kids will love learning about the many types of water creatures in this flick.



1930s Paris, automatons, and a big mystery are at the heart of Hugo, one of the most charming films out there. It's a perfect watch if any of your kids are budding film geeks.


The Incredibles

Basically, this entire movie is fun to watch. It's about a family of superheroes, and it's funny and full of heart. Your family will quote this movie for days afterward and definitely find a character they identify most with.


Inside Out

This imaginative look at the world of human emotions centers on young Riley and her adjustment to a new home. Your kids just might understand feelings a little better after watching this one.


Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer

Based on the wildly popular children's book series, this film follows Judy and her quest to have a not-boring summer. It's a silly, imaginative look at summertime antics that will give you major nostalgia.


LEGO Movie

This animated flick is fast-paced and hilarious, and there's even a pretty neat plot twist at one point. But be warned: your kids will sing "Everything is Awesome" nonstop for the next several weeks.



I mean, your kids have most likely watched Moana a thousand times over by now. But it's still a gorgeous film with a positive message.



For something a little different, check out this story of a boy who befriends a goldfish princess. It's a great way to introduce your kids to the magic of Studio Ghibli films.



It's the sweet story of a rat who excels in the art of fine cooking. The gentle movie is full of charm, and you'll learn a thing or two about French cooking along the way.


Song Of The Sea

It's an Irish animated film that involves selkies, or women who can transform into seals. Learn more about Irish and Scottish folklore with this gorgeous film.



Turbo features an adorable snail who learns to live fast. In other words, it's the perfect kid movie.



Can Ralph shake his reputation as the video game bad guy and become a hero for once? This adorable and heartfelt movie will be great for any kid, especially one who's into video games.

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