15 Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Him On Amazon Prime That Don't Scream Last Minute


I've been married for a long time, and I've learned over the years what gifts will be a hit and which will miss. Valentine's Day is a special gift-giving holiday to me because it's just for us. Sure, we buy our kids little treats, but the real gifting is mine and my husband's alone. But even though I'm a great gift giver, I often wait until the last minute, leaving little time to head to the store. You might be in the same boat, and that's why I've found the 15 best Valentine's Day gifts for him on Amazon Prime. The list is absolute proof that even if you've waited until the last minute, you can still get him something great.

Buying for men is simultaneously super easy and really hard. My husband is usually pretty happy with whatever I get him, but knocking it out of the park is a challenge. What do you get for the man you love that shows thought into it, but doesn't border on cliché? I find it's best to evaluate what they're into in the moment. Whether it's grooming their beard or curating the perfect Spotify playlist, there are hints everywhere as to what would delight them when they open it on Valentine's Day.

1A Smoker

Masterbuilt Tall Smoker


An easy option for those looking to dip their toes in the smoking game, this smoker is affordable and a decent size. If your partner loves ribs and pulled pork and lox, this is the gift for him. It's for the guy who loves to grill out, but wants to take his cookouts up a level.

2Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption for XBox One


So now that football season is over, you don't know what to do with your husband for several hours of the week, right? Have no fear — I have a solution. Red Dead Redemption II. Also, it's just really fun and you could probably kick his butt because no one is craftier than a mom. The game is on Playstation and XBox, and it's incredibly highly rated. I personally give it five stars. I'm also about to kick my husband's butt.

3Bluetooth Beanie

Rotibox Bluetooth Headphone Beanie


Perfect for cool weather, this soft beanie has headphones built right in, simplifying their commute and running needs.

4Leather Messenger Bag

18" Leather Messenger Bag


This distressed Buffalo Hunter leather bag works for a laptop and messenger bag, but it also has a ton of pockets meaning it's a great diaper bag as well. (One that you don't have to carry.)

5Great Coffee

Deathwish Valhalla Java


Feel the blood of the Aesir gods with this darn good, darn strong coffee. Like the name would imply, it's incredibly caffeinated. If you've got a baby that sings the song of their people around the clock, your partner will appreciate this even more.

6& A Cool Mug To Drink It In

Valhalla Java Mug


It's basically a bucket for coffee. This mug is enormous, just like your partner's need for the caffeinated stuff at zero dark whatever time it is the baby woke you. It's a solid, sturdy mug with a funny Viking theme.

7Workout Bands

WOD Assist Bands Set of 4


If your husband is into Crossfit, or just working out in general, these stretch and assist bands could be a lifesaver. I know that I wouldn't have been able to learn to pull myself up without them, and my husband loves them for stability and reverse resistance.

8Zombie Chess

Fallout Chess


Sometimes you just want to play a soothing game of chess, and sometimes, you want to move zombies towards your opponent, making "checkmate" seem that much more lethal.

9Safety Razor

Traditional Safety Razor


This is for the environmentally conscious guy. If you've ever seen safety blades in craft projects or in stores, this is what they're for. They've fallen out of popularity, but are re-emerging as a better option than the plastic razors we use now.


StoreIndya Sketch Journal with Pencil


Is your partner an artist or a thinker with a love of nice things? This journal is perfect for them. It's just the right size to slide into their new messenger bag as well.


XBOX ONE S Battlefield V Bundle


They need something to play Red Dead on, right? This is the newest XBox ONE console, and it comes with a great game.

12Pizza Steel

Nerdchef Pizza Steel


My husband and I are trying to divvy up cooking for our family more evenly, and pizza is one of the things he does well. This pizza stone is a lifesaver. It crisps the bottoms, and everything comes together better than if you made it on a cookie sheet.

13Really Nice Jogging Trousers

Nike Thermal Training Pants


These are classics, and they last a really long time whether they wear them to the gym or out with their friends. My husband and son both adore these pants and always beg for more.

14Really Good Headphones

Dolby Dimension Headphones with active noise cancellation


True story: I'm deaf. I can't tell the difference between the sounds in headphones or hand grenades on some days. However, my husband is an audio fanatic who did sound engineering in his twenties. He wants these so much. When I asked which headphones he would pick, it was this pair.

15A Classic Backpack

Hershel Bag


My husband has this very bag in khaki, and it has taken a beating. I got it for him a few years ago on his birthday, and he wears it every single day. It's stylish and lightweight, and the perfect gift for your love.