15 Beyonce-Inspired Tattoos To Consider The Next Time You're Itching For Some Ink

If you haven’t noticed, I’m the resident Beyoncé-crazed babe over here at Romper. I’ve seen her in concert twice, and I’m going to see her again this summer for the 'Formation' World Tour. I own her DVDs, I sing her lyrics in the shower, I know an inordinate amount of lesser known facts about her. Some might call me a super fan (or weirdly obsessed). However, actual superfans would probably scoff at my knowledge, and dedication. After all, I don't have any Beyoncé-inspired tattoos yet.

Beyoncé has a tattoo of her own, she has her own line of flash tattoos, and she and Jay have even been known to inspire other celebrity tattoos. And if she's inspiring celebrity tattoos, you can be damn sure that she's inspiring plenty of other tattoos across the world. That's Queen Bey for you, the face that launched a thousand tattoos. Well, maybe not a thousand, but at the very least, I've rounded up 15 Bey inspired tattoos for you to consider while you're waiting on her new album to drop. Whether you're a fan of her lyrics, or you prefer a more obvious option like the Queen's face inked on your bod forever, you've got options (and inspiration).


That Flawless Face

Be bold, go where few have gone before, and flaunt Beyoncé's face on your bod. Because that face is fierce.


Beyoncé's Signature

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, try on Bey's signature for size.


B Is For...

The great thing about a singular B, is that it could stand for plenty of things that aren't Beyonce... but that it could also stand for Beyoncé. Ooh, mystery.


Yonce All On My Arm

There's no mistaking this nickname for anyone by Queen Bey, that's for sure. Put Yonce all up on your arm, and show your allegiance.


For The Lyric Lover

This epic lyric scrawl shows major dedication.


Small And Simple

A teensy tiny little B on your wrist, to show off when you want to.


That Sassy Silhouette

How could you mistake this silhouette for anyone else's? Oh, that's right, you couldn't.


Pretty Hurts

Pretty hurts, how ironic, considering this shaded tattoo probably took somewhat of a high pain tolerance to get through.


Elaborate Initials

Take the letter B to the next level, and showcase it.



Show your allegiance to your fellow Beyhive members with this bee wearing a crown.


Face Time

More of Bey's flawless face? Sure, why not. It's amazing how she glows, even in tattoo form.


Bow Down, Bitches

Glorious and colorful, with a side of command. Methinks Beyoncé would be a big fan of this tattoo.


I Can See Your Halo

Simple, elegant, and a personal reminder of that stunning song.


For The Grown Woman

Nothing says I'm a grown woman quite like a dagger enveloped by flowers, right?



Much like our Queen leader, this tattoo is as close to flawless as it gets.