15 BFF Halloween Costume Ideas, Because It's No Fun To Celebrate Alone

Halloween costumes are more fun when you don't have to go it alone. Large group costumes can be a pain, but you and your BFF are (nearly) always on the same page, so coordinating a fun Halloween costume with them is way easier. And though wearing cozy fall clothes or a bit of orange and black is a simple way to be festive while trick-or-treating with the kids, dressing up in a costume really doesn't have to be more difficult than that (and works a lot better for Halloween parties). These BFF Halloween costume ideas aren't too difficult for you and your besties to pull together, but might still be a pretty big hit at any Halloween get-togethers you and your friends may be attending this year.

Deciding on a Halloween costume can be super difficult when you're doing an individual costume. Coordinating costumes might seem trickier, but you don't have to make every decision on your own, which can be a super-welcome change when you're also responsible for costumes for your kids and maybe your partner as well. So grab your bestie (or multiple besties) and figure out which BFF Halloween costume might work for you this year. Then all that's left to do is to pull your outfit together.


Lucy & Ethel

Lucy and Ethel are a great BFF duo to dress up as for Halloween. They're quirky and fun and are pretty much happy as long as they're together. If that sums up your relationship with your best friend too, there's no better choice.


Ann & Leslie

These two are oftentimes basically #friendshipgoals. They're always supportive of one another, love each other endlessly, and never stop going after what they want. To dress up as Leslie, you'll need a good power suit, naturally, while whoever is going as Ann might want to rock some scrubs.


Blair & Serena

Blair and Serena aren't always on each other's side, but at the end of the day, these two are family. It's fun to dress up as these two, which makes it a great choice for a BFF Halloween costume. Blair has more of a classic, polished look, while Serena goes for things that are slightly edgier.


Monica, Rachel, & Phoebe

If you're a group of three, there's still a BFF costume out there for you. There are tons of options when it comes to dressing up as Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe, which means you can pretty much pick any season and find an iconic outfit that would be perfect for a group Halloween costume.


Salt & Pepper

If you're not really interested in dressing up as famous best friends — or people in general — but still want to come up with a good BFF Halloween costume, food pairings might be good sources of inspiration. Salt and pepper is a cute and fun costume for best friends, but might take a bit more effort to pull off than some of the other BFF costumes from which you can choose.


Regina, Karen, Gretchen, & Cady

If you're a group of four, you don't have to break up into pairs to find a great costume. There's no excuse for acting like mean girls, but dressing up as Regina, Karen, Gretchen, and Cady (or Cady, Damian, and Janis) can be sort of fun. Whether it's all pink get-ups or sweaters and pleated miniskirts (remember those?), there are tons of costumes you can put together using Mean Girls as an inspiration.


Rory & Lane (Or Paris)

If you and your BFF love Gilmore Girls, dressing up as Rory and her BFF Lane for Halloween could be a cute idea. Alternatively, if Paris is more your style, opt for Rory and her enemy-turned-college roommate and lifelong friend. You have a lot of options here too. Rory favored oversized sweaters and turtlenecks in the early seasons, while Lane was all about her hair clips and characteristic glasses.


Mary Kate & Ashley

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are real-life people, of course, but they acted in so many movies together that you have seemingly no end of options when it comes to dressing up as these two for Halloween. Whether you prefer the movies they did when they were younger or were more into the movies done during their teen years, you can find a Mary Kate and Ashley-themed costume that's just right for you and your best friend.


Mia & Lily

Mia and Lily from the Princess Diaries are a great costume choice for you and your best friend. The uniforms, Doc Martens, and scooters will have you both thinking that you're in high school again.


Thelma & Louise

Dressing up as Thelma and Louise for Halloween means embracing curls, scarves, jean jackets, and more. What's not to like about that? There are a number of options that you have from this movie, as well, however, so you can find a look that fits you best.


DJ & Kimmy

DJ and Kimmy is another great BFF Halloween costume. If the late-80s and early-90s were some of your favorite years, fashion-wise, these two lifelong best friends could make for a fun and memorable choice.


The Golden Girls

Dressing up as the gals from Golden Girls with your best friends is great if these reruns are basically your favorite thing. No matter which one you relate to most, there are tons of fun costume options from which you can choose.


A Bunch Of Grapes

This costume requires a bit more DIY-ing than some of the others, but using balloons to create your looks means that this costume is also one of the easiest to actually pull off. You can both go as green or red grapes or switch things up and each pick a color.


Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood

If you haven't watched The Great British Baking Show on Netflix, really, what are you waiting for? Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood make for a fun, yet simple Halloween costume. Mary's signature hairstyle and blazers and Paul's eye-catching shirt cuffs are really all you need.


Cher & Dionne

Cher and Dionne's plaid suits are pretty much iconic. This is definitely a fun Halloween costume for you to put together with your best friend, if you can pull it off.

Ultimately, no matter what you and your best friend decide to be for Halloween, what'll make the day fun is that you're celebrating together.