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15 Celebrities Who Did IVF & Shared Their Stories

Celebrities aren't more fertile than regular folks, but they do have more resources than the average Jane. Although no woman should feel pressure to tell anyone, let alone the whole world how she conceived her baby, there are many celebrities who did IVF and have been open about using assisted reproduction.

Although it's definitely inspiring to see that celebrities are humans with human problems like infertility, do bear in mind that it's not always useful in comparing your fertility woes with those of a celeb. Why? Well, as mentioned earlier, they have the bankroll to fund IVF, which can cost up to $12,000 per cycle before medications, which typically run another $3,000 to $5,000, according to Forbes.

What is helpful about reading about celebrities who have undergone assisted reproduction is that, for any woman trying desperately to conceive, these stories can make her feel less alone. And because people revere celebrities, when women who've undergone IVF are vocal about it, it removes the stigma that there's "something wrong with a woman" if she can't conceive from just having sex (you want to tell me what's wrong with Chrissy Teigen's womanhood, go ahead. I dare you). When you see celebrities owning their experiences and sharing them with the world, you might feel a little more hopeful about any fertility problems you're having. Shame is a disease of the soul, so cure it by taking a cue from these celebrities who've had IVF and feel absolutely fine letting the whole world know.


Celine Dion


"IVF is difficult emotionally," Celine Dion told Hello! Canada, but her twin boys Eddy and Nelson, born a decade after her first son René-Charles was born using IVF, make all the woes worth it.


Courtney Cox

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Everybody's favorite OCD "friend," Monica, er, I mean Courtney Cox did IVF to have her daughter Coco Riley in 2004.


Mariah Carey

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The "Always Be My Bab," songstress, Mariah Carey, gave birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe, aka "Dem Babies," in 2011 using IVF.


Brooke Shields


The former Pretty Baby star became a first-time mama with IVF in 2003. In 2006, she conceived her second child without assisted reproduction.


Sherri Shepherd

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The View host used IVF to conceive twin boys Jeffrey and Lamar. Her son Jeffrey was born premature, but today, the whole family is doing fantastic.


Chrissy Teigen

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Supermodel and Twitter power player Chrissy Teigen was vocal about undergoing IVF and choosing her baby's gender. Of the process, she told Today, "emotionally, it could be really hard." But Teigen handled IVF like a pro, and now has baby Luna who, one day, she'll be feeding her controversial cheesy guac.


Nicole Kidman

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"I've had a very, very roller coaster ride with fertility," Nicole Kidman told Australia's 60 Minutes of her IVF treatment. "It has never been easy for me."


Marcia Cross

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The former Desperate Housewives star underwent IVF in 2007, giving birth to twin girls, Savannah and Eden.


Emily Robison

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Emily Robinson of the Dixie Chicks used IVF to conceive her three children; Charles Augustus, born in 2002 and twins Julianna Tex and Henry Benjamin born in 2005.


Martie Maguire

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Leading people to speculate that fertility issues can be genetic, Emily Robinson's baby sister Martie Maguire also struggled with fertility before having three children by IVF. In 2004, she gave birth to twin girls Eva Ruth and Kathleen Emilie and in 2008, had daughter Harper. Maguire and Robinson's shared experiences struggling with fertility inspired the Dixie Chicks song, "So Hard."


Christie Brinkley

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Christie Brinkley had her third child, Sailor Lee via IVF in 1998.


Emma Thompson


Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson underwent IVF to give birth to daughter Gaia in 1999.


Jane Seymour

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Jane Seymour delivered twins John Stacy and Kristopher Steven in 1995, who were conceived by IVF. Fun facts: John is named for family friend, Johnny Cash, and Kristopher for his godfather, Christopher Reeve.


Carin Kingsland

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The wife of Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath, Carin Kingsland underwent IVF in 2010 and had twins Lydon and Hartley.


Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian underwent IVF only implanting male embryos to ensure that her second child would be a boy.