15 Celebrity Dad Tweets That Prove We're All In This Parenting Thing Together

They may be busy making appearances, posing for pictures, and signing autographs, but celebrity dads are no different from any other dads. They can be super strong and supportive, prone to mistakes, and willing to do anything for their little ones. And they are happy to share all of their parenting wins and fails with their followers on social media. If you're wondering how some of your favorite celebrity dads balance their public persona with caring for their children, you don't have to look further than celebrity dad tweets.

If you didn't love certain celebrity dads enough already, you'll have a whole new appreciation after seeing them don silly costumes, truck the kids to hockey practice, and change a number of poo-filled diapers. Although it won't make you or your partner's job as parents any easier, it can be helpful to know that these famous daddies are right there with you in this parenting struggle.

From tweets that make you laugh to those that make you cry, all celebrity dad tweets have on thing in common: they make you look at some of your favorite celebrities in a completely different light. Check out some of the best tweets from your fave A-list dads.


Dinnertime Is Fun

Now I have another reason to want to have dinner with Ashton Kutcher.


The Messiness Of Parenthood

Kids are known for pulling pranks on their parents, but it's always fun when dads like Neil Patrick Harris turn the tables.


Doo Doo For Dada

For Ryan Reynolds, changing diapers might be his grittiest role to date.


The Day The Crayon Box Broke

Even Ashton Kutcher can't figure out how to keep the crayon box closed.


Sleep Is Not An Option

The always funny Jim Gaffigan would gladly choose a few hours of sleep over a beer.


When The Kids Are Asleep. . .

We've all been there, Dax Shepard.


The Pranking Parents

Leave it to funny man, Chris Rock to come up with a hilarious way to combat bullying.


Mom's Biggest Supporter

John Legend is more than happy to share the blame with wife, Chrissy Teigen for enjoying a night out without the baby.


Getting Silly With It

The fact that he would dress up in this ridiculous outfit for his daughter just makes Channing Tatum even hotter.


Fun With Limits

Hanging out with a dad like Nick Cannon is probably a blast, but even he knows when to call it quits.


Take Your Kid To Work Da

If your dad is an accountant, you might not be so excited to visit his office, but when your dad is Mario Lopez and he has to interview Ellen at the Finding Dory premier, you're all in.


The Biggest Fan

Donut and coffee in hand, Dean McDermott wouldn't dare miss hockey practice.


Crazy About Baby

No matter how tough they appear on screen, their babies make dads like James Van Der Beek turn to a pile of mush.


Not Afraid To Get Dirty

David Schwimmer had to take a little time away for diaper duty.


The Emotional Roller Coaster

A little emotional, Seth Meyers?