15 Cheap Mother's Day Gifts That Your #1 Mom Will Totally Love

by Emily Westbrooks

Not everyone has a giant budget for Mother's Day, and that's OK. Most moms are keenly aware of the finances of their families and kids, and some feel sheepish receiving gifts that are too expensive, especially if they know the gift giver can't afford it. Instead, simple, thoughtful gifts are exactly what moms want, which is why we've come up with a selection of Mother's Day gifts that are cheap but will still show your love.

Most moms appreciate a gesture that shows thoughtfulness rather than expense, so a sweet, colorful pouch for the things she needs to hide from her kids in her purse, or a personalized phone case will go a long way of showing her how much you appreciate her. And rather than take Mother's Day too seriously, some of these gifts will also show her how much you admire the sense of humor she maintains while she's momming so hard!

Keep in mind that gift wrapping is also a key element to a good and affordable Mother's Day gift. If you're going to pick up something that doesn't cost a lot, it doesn't hurt to make it look a little extra pretty from the outside. Again, just a little gesture that will show you tried, and that you care!


Marrakesh Embroidered Mini Pouch

Marrakesh embroidered mini pouch ($12, Uncommon Goods)

Something small but colorful and just a little bit fancy is a good option for an inexpensive Mother's Day gift. Plus, it'll help her keep her purse just a little bit more organized.


Rose Water Facial Toner

Rose water facial toner ($10, Amazon)

Luxurious toner with a delicious scent is a safe bet for a good but cheap Mother's Day gift. It gets 4.6 stars on Amazon, so you know it's already been tried, tested, and approved.


Vanilla Scented Soy Candle

Vanilla scented soy candle ($10, Amazon)

This sweet candle with adorable label comes in a little box, ready to gift wrap and present to the mom in your life.


Personalized Jewelry Dish

Personalized Jewelry Dish ($12, Etsy)

Who says personalized, handmade gifts have to break the bank? This jewelry dish made just for her will impress, for sure.


Flower Earrings

Flower earrings ($12, Etsy)

These earrings actually come in a range of colors, so you can choose exactly which one the mom in your life will enjoy the most.


Personalized Bar Necklace

Personalized bar necklace ($10, Etsy)

You can actually have all four sides inscribed with the names of her kids, so long as she doesn't have more than four of them! This would make a very thoughtful gift that won't cost an arm and a leg.


Temporary Mom Tattoos

Temporary mom tattoos ($3 for a set of 3, Etsy)

You might want to pair this with another little gift, but if your intended recipient really doesn't want a gift, this would be an adorable surprise plastered on her kids' arms!


Cucumber Eye Mask

Cucumber eye mask ($7, Francesca's)

Every mom needs a good eye mask, not the kind that you bring home from a red-eye flight, but a slightly luxurious one for those times when she just needs a nap but it's bright as day outside. Pair this with a few IOU coupons for child-watching while she naps and you're in business.


Mama Bear Mug

Mama bear mug ($10, Williams-Sonoma)

I always thought novelty mugs were silly, but now that coffee is a predominant part of my day, I actually enjoy pouring it into a different and cheerful vessel each morning. This mama bear mug would definitely do the trick.


Vietnamese Chocolate

Vietnamese chocolate ($9, Bar & Cocoa)

I'd be pretty darn pleased if this was my Mother's Day gift, so long as it came with permission to eat it all myself without sharing with my children or husband!


Birthstone Bracelet

Birthstone bracelet ($12, Etsy)

This would be a sweet gesture for a mom on Mother's Day, to include the birthstones of her kids and their initials on a delicate bracelet she can wear every day.


Set of Bath Bombs

Set of bath bombs ($11, Walmart)

This little set of bath bombs is a gift that pairs pretty well with a set of coupons for time to use them!


Whale Planter

Whale planter ($12, Etsy)

Can you believe this planter was 3D printed? How cool! And totally unique as an affordable present for your mom.


Sheet masks

Set of sheet masks ($22 for 7, Anthropologie)

Give mom the gift of luxury with these super trendy, hydrating sheet masks. At $22 for a set of 7, they basically come out to three bucks a pop, which is a very small price to pay for a bit of luxury.


Mamasaurus Rex Shirt

Mamasaurus Rex shirt ($10, Walmart)

Tell her how strong you think she is with this Mamasaurus Rex shirt, which will be a total hit with her kids as well.

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