15 Cheese Memes That Honor The Beauty Of National Cheese Day


Despite being a self-proclaimed top chef, I don't always keep a well-stocked fridge. Some weeks, my work and social schedules force me into picking up a pre-made meal on the way home rather than whipping up something in my kitchen. But one thing you can always find in my fridge, no matter how busy life gets, is an abundance of cheese. Because, well, who can live without cheese? And if you're as big of a cheese enthusiast as me, you probably have plenty of cheese memes to share with fellow fans on National Cheese Day. (Yes it's a thing, because cheese is that important.)

I mean, think about it. No other food can do what cheese does. It can be crumbled atop a salad, grilled between two slices of bread, melted over a plate of tortilla chips, and transformed into a decadent dessert. These uses for cheese are almost as diverse as the types available for consumption. (Seriously, have you ever walked down the cheese aisle at a gourmet supermarket? You could get lost there. Of course, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to get lost in a sea of cheeses.) Cheese is a comfort food, a celebratory treat, and just a damn amazing delight. And it deserves a day of honor. So if you're looking to share the love with your friends, send them one of these cheese memes. And maybe a bit of brie on the side.

1Hey There

ENO DC on Twitter

Always looking for brie.

2Gimme Dat Funk

Slapwank on Twitter

If cheese smell, is it even worth eating?

3The Best Of Dreams

Click the CharityOwl on Twitter

But really. They are.

4It's Really Cheesey

Culture Cheese on Twitter

Who doesn't love a good pun?

5It's All Cheese To Me

Reddit Memes on Twitter

Seriously, what's the difference?

6All The Jokes

Dysh App on Twitter

Come on. You know you laughed!

7Praise Be

NewsFlashback on Twitter

In the name of the feta. . .

8Night Cheese

Sara Belfry on Twitter

But really, who says you can't have cheese in the morning and daytime?

10Sharing Is Caring

Susan Robel on Twitter

It never hurts to share.

11What's That Taste?

MainelyHRT on Twitter

Everything really is better with cheese.

12Food Photos

SHRM@NAU on Twitter

But seriously, what does the cheese say?

13Cheese Is Bae

Abigail on Twitter

Is it even a competition?

14Top Of The Pyramid

Chateau Ste Michelle on Twitter

You mean, they aren't already?


Lori & Michael on Twitter

Same girl. Same.