15 Clever Mother's Day Gifts That Your Mom Didn't Even Know She Wanted 'Til Now

Mother's Day is May 13 this year and that means the countdown is on to find the perfect present for dear mum. But if your go-to gift (i.e. fine chocolates or a flower bouquet) is starting to feel a little stale, we've got some clever Mother's Day gifts that are sure to delight (not disappoint) your sweet mom. And don't forget, when shopping for mom, there's no harm in splurging on some gifts for yourself!

While I love a good French toast in bed on Mom's Day, I'd be thrilled to have it served with a side of French lessons. Or in lieu of the standard massage gift certificate, I'd be psyched to try a float session instead. In my book, getting something entirely unexpected makes it that much more exciting. However, there's a caveat here. You don't want to give something totally impractical no matter how high the originality factor. Case in point: that new-fangled kitchen gadget that sits collecting dust on top of the fridge (looking at you, quesadilla maker!).

If you're sick of the standard Mother's Day staples, then these 15 clever (yet practical) gifts are just want you need to up your gift-giving game. She's going to be talking about these gifts for a long time.


'Scratch Your Travels' World Map

Scratch Your Travels World Map ($27, Etsy)

For the mom who loves to travel, this interactive wall art from Kuulys is a winning gift idea. Using a coin, you scratch off the foil to reveal bright colors underneath.

Your mom can take pride in showcasing all the countries she's visited. And since the colors look so pretty, she may even be inspired to book her next trip! Here's hoping she brings you along.


Embossing Rolling Pin

Embossing Rolling Pin ($39, Etsy)

If you're mom is a baking queen then look no further than this embossing rolling print from Valek Rolling Pins.

It embosses a Polish folk art pattern into the baked good, so your mom's cookies, pies, and fondant will surely standout at her next social event. Now that's what you call a signature dish!


Personalized Adult Coloring Book

Personalized Adult Coloring Book ($45, Future Memories)

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days. If your mom finds her peace in the pages of a coloring book, this customizable hard cover book from Future Memories will stand out from the rest.

You can personalize it with your mom's name on the cover, along with a sweet message, and her name will also be featured throughout the book, designed into the hand-drawn images.


Love Potion Scarf

Kate Spade Love Potion Scarf ($74, Bloomingdale's)

If your normal go-to gift is a bottle of perfume for mum, why not mix it up this year with this whimsical Kate Spade Love Potion Scarf? It features colorful bottles of perfume with hand- drawn love messages, like "All my love."

This scarf will bring a smile to her face every time she wears it and thinks of you.


My Hometown Puzzle

My Hometown Puzzle ($50, L.L. Bean)

Are puzzles your mom's happy place? If so, don't just give her another jigsaw puzzle. Give her own that let's her know, 'home is where mom is!' This customizable puzzle from L.L. Bean lets you add in any U.S. address so it can be your mom's house, favorite vacation spot, or even her childhood home. The map uses detailed topographic map data and shows terrain for miles around the designated address.

When your mom is tinkering away at this puzzle, she'll really appreciate your thoughtful effort.


Honey Rose Eau De Parfum

Figure No. 6 Honey Rose Eau De Parfum ($30, Anthropologie)

Instead of springing for the standard rose bouquet this Mother's Days, why not try a deconstructed version like this delicate Honey Rose- scented fragrance?

It will last way longer than your average flower arrangement, too.


Cooking Class from Sur La Table

Handmade Pasta Making Class ($75 per person, Sur La Table)

If your mom is a foodie, then opting for an experiential gift like a cooking class for you to take together will really put you in good favor. Not only does she get to learn how to make something that she can cook all year long, she gets to have you by her side.

Sur La Table offers all kinds of cooking classes, like their handmade pasta class that lasts two hours and teaches you how to shape orecchiette and roll, fill, and cut ravioli.


Rustic Family Tree

Rustic Family Tree ($32+, Etsy)

Scrabble-loving mamas will go nuts for this personalized family tree by Kindred Kraft by Louise. You can add up to six names so that you and your siblings are all represented.

That's a gamely take on the old family tree concept!


Cozy Reader Club Subscription Box

Cozy Reader Club subscription box ($65+/month, Save 15% off your subscription with MOMSDAY, Cratejoy)

Signing mom up for a subscription box service is a gift idea that will delight all year long. It's a great option if you and your siblings want to go in on a gift together since they tend to be a bit pricier.

This awesome monthly Cozy Reader Club subscription box from Cratejoy comes with 4-6 items in every box, including one recently released hardcover novel, artisan coffee, tea or hot chocolate, gourmet treats, handmade items, and more.

It's the perfect gift for the mom in need of some quality me time.


Customized Wine Label

Personalized Wine Label ($8+, Etsy)

Moms and wine, they just go together! If your mom loves her Pinot Grigio, buy her favorite bottle and decorate it with this clever label.


Mom Cubed T-Shirt

Mom Cubed T-Shirt ($30, Etsy)

Calling all math fans! This t-shirt from Birch Bear Co. is the perfect present if you're one of three siblings. If you only have two kids in your clan, not to worry — you can have this shirt customized to say Mom 2 (Squared) as well.


Folded Book Art

Folded Book Art Custom Word ($16+, Etsy)

For the bookworm moms out there, this custom folded book art is going to stand out — literally. You can pick any word, up to 4 characters, and Here a Book There a Book will fold it into the book.

M-O-M or L-O-V-E definitely seem appropriate!


Sandy Paws Keepsake Casting Kit

Spots and Ladybugs, LLC Sandy Paws Casting Kit, ($4, Amazon)

There are moms and then there are Dog Moms. If the way to your mom's heart is through her four-legged friend, then this gift is going to win you some big-time points.

The crafty kit lets you turn a dog's paw print into a hanging ornament. It's super cheap so you could even throw in one of these adorable dog sweaters ($21, Amazon) to round out the gift.


Sound Bath

If your mom is into yoga and meditation, treat her to the latest new-age craze, a sound bath.

Popular spas like Miraval in Arizona and The Standard Spa in Miami Beach are now offering sound baths, but you're likely to find a local option just by googling.

Finding a moment of zen is important for any mom.


What I Love about Mom Book

What I Love About Mom Journal ($10, Knock Knock)

When it really comes down to it, all moms just want to know they're appreciated. This fun little book from Knock Knock lets you fill in the blank to describe why your mom's the best. Whether your answers are humorous or heartfelt, this is one book your mom will hold onto for life.

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