15 Clever Mother's Day 2018 Gifts That Are Special Yet Practical


Mother's Day is May 13 this year and that means the countdown is on to find the perfect present for dear mum. But if your go-to gift (i.e. fine chocolates or a flower bouquet) is starting to feel a little stale, we've got some clever Mother's Day gifts that are sure to delight (not disappoint) your sweet mom. And don't forget, when shopping for mom, there's no harm in splurging on some gifts for yourself!

While I love a good French toast in bed on Mom's Day, I'd be thrilled to have it served with a side of French lessons. Or in lieu of the standard massage gift certificate, I'd be psyched to try a float session instead. In my book, getting something entirely unexpected makes it that much more exciting. However, there's a caveat here. You don't want to give something totally impractical no matter how high the originality factor. Case in point: that new-fangled kitchen gadget that sits collecting dust on top of the fridge (looking at you, quesadilla maker!).

If you're sick of the standard Mother's Day staples, then these 15 clever (yet practical) gifts are just want you need to up your gift-giving game. She's going to be talking about these gifts for a long time.

1'Scratch Your Travels' World Map


Scratch Your Travels World Map ($27, Etsy)

For the mom who loves to travel, this interactive wall art from Kuulys is a winning gift idea. Using a coin, you scratch off the foil to reveal bright colors underneath.

Your mom can take pride in showcasing all the countries she's visited. And since the colors look so pretty, she may even be inspired to book her next trip! Here's hoping she brings you along.

2Embossing Rolling Pin

Valek Rolling Pins

Embossing Rolling Pin ($39, Etsy)

If you're mom is a baking queen then look no further than this embossing rolling print from Valek Rolling Pins.

It embosses a Polish folk art pattern into the baked good, so your mom's cookies, pies, and fondant will surely standout at her next social event. Now that's what you call a signature dish!

3Personalized Adult Coloring Book

Future Memories

Personalized Adult Coloring Book ($45, Future Memories)

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days. If your mom finds her peace in the pages of a coloring book, this customizable hard cover book from Future Memories will stand out from the rest.

You can personalize it with your mom's name on the cover, along with a sweet message, and her name will also be featured throughout the book, designed into the hand-drawn images.

4Love Potion Scarf