These 15 Halloween Costumes For Moms Are Seriously So Comfy

So many Halloween costumes for women tend to skew towards skin-tight, spandex, and sexy. Many people take this opportunity to go for bold outfit choices that they might not get the chance to test out otherwise. But if you're a mom who's going to be spending her Halloween night taking your trick-or-treaters all over town, you might be looking for the kind of costume that isn't going to cut off circulation to 12 different parts of your body. These comfortable Halloween costumes for moms will still make you look and feel great.

When it comes to a comfortable costume, you're probably going to be focusing on two things: material and fit. Plush, furry outfits will make you feel cuddly and cozy, and looser fitting styles will give you the freedom to feel like you can actually move around without worrying that you're about to bust a seam. It might take a bit of digging to find a costume that isn't so form-fitting it looks painted on, but comfy options are definitely out there — one tip is to look in the unisex section to expand your options.

These 15 costumes are festive, fun, and so cozy you might just end up re-wearing some of them.


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