15 Comfortable Halloween 2018 Costumes For Moms, Because It's Going To Be A Long Night


So many Halloween costumes for women tend to skew towards skin-tight, spandex, and sexy. Many people take this opportunity to go for bold outfit choices that they might not get the chance to test out otherwise. But if you're a mom who's going to be spending her Halloween night taking your trick-or-treaters all over town, you might be looking for the kind of costume that isn't going to cut off circulation to 12 different parts of your body. These comfortable Halloween costumes for moms will still make you look and feel great.

When it comes to a comfortable costume, you're probably going to be focusing on two things: material and fit. Plush, furry outfits will make you feel cuddly and cozy, and looser fitting styles will give you the freedom to feel like you can actually move around without worrying that you're about to bust a seam. It might take a bit of digging to find a costume that isn't so form-fitting it looks painted on, but comfy options are definitely out there — one tip is to look in the unisex section to expand your options.

These 15 costumes are festive, fun, and so cozy you might just end up re-wearing some of them.


Adult Owl Pajama Costume

Spirit Halloween

I just want to reach out and pet this super soft looking owl costume. I can't guarantee you'll be able to pee easily in this one-piece jumpsuit, but at least you'll be comfy.


Orange Prisoner Costume


The prisoner look is super low maintenance. This loose-fitting outfit should be comfy, with the added bonus of being easy to spot if you're out on the streets trick-or-treating.


Scarecrow Poncho

Spirit Halloween

What's cozier than slipping on a soft poncho? This scarecrow costume will keep you warm and look cute, too.


Olympic Goddess Costume


You can be comfy while still looking totally glamorous on Halloween. Just go for loose-fitting and flowy costumes like this Grecian goddess outfit.


Good Sandy Costume


The stiletto-wearing, leather-clad version of Sandy from 'Grease' is definitely out if you're looking for comfort on Halloween night. But her pre-transformation ensemble of soft cardigan and flouncy skirt would totally work.


Pikachu Leggings and Headband


So many moms I know live in leggings, and for good reason — they're super comfy and easy to throw on. This Pikachu costume is made up of a pair of leggings and Pikachu's ears, making it a great no fuss option.


Panda Pajamas


Panda bears look so cute, snuggly, and cuddly, and you will, too, in this soft and furry costume.

8Bunny Rabbit

White Bunny Costume


This plush fur costume will turn you into a snuggle bunny. And maybe you can get your money's worth by throwing it on again come Easter.

9Wonder Woman

'Wonder Woman' T-Shirt


Most 'Wonder Woman' costumes feature a skin-tight bodice and super short skirt. But you can nail down the superhero look just as easily in this simple T-shirt with cape-like detail — no squeezing into spandex required.


Dinosaur Plush One-Piece


I'm pretty sure most dinosaurs were green and scaly and not fluffy and pink, but sacrificing a realistic costume for an adorable, comfy one is totally worth it.

11Care Bear

'Care Bears' Share Bear Costume


If the Care Bears are close to your heart, this look is for you. I'm partial to Share Bear and her fuzzy purple fur, but there are tons of other bears to choose from, too.

12Hogwarts Student

Hogwarts Four House Logo Robe


Slip a Hogwarts robe over any outfit you want, and bam, you've got an awesome 'Harry Potter' Halloween costume. With another 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' movie hitting theaters next month, you might be seeing lots of other witches and wizards on the prowl.

13Doctor Or Nurse

Scrubs Set


Doctors and nurses pretty much live in their scrubs, and if they can make it through a long shift at a hospital in them, you know they're comfortable. Grab this set for Halloween, and save them for lounging around the house.


'Princess Bride' Buttercup Peasant Dress


A costume that's comfortable, cute, and pays homage to a classic comedy? "As you wish!"


Unicorn Costume Jumpsuit


This colorful, cozy uniform jumpsuit will keep you warm on a crisp, fall night. It's perfect for trick-or-treating, or just staying in for a Halloween movie marathon.