15 Cool Tattoos For Dads That Will Give You Ink Inspiration

by Sarah Bunton

Back in the day, if a guy had any kind of sentimental ink, it was assumed to be something along the lines of a heart with the word "Mom" across it. These days, though, men are getting more meaningful and creative pieces. Especially dads. These days, dads use their ink to celebrate, embrace, and memorialize being a father. If you or your partner are thinking of getting some ink work done, why not get some inspiring ideas of cool tattoos for dads? Being a parent doesn't mean you have to give up your edge or suddenly become a minivan driving, belted jean shorts wearing, bad joke telling dude. You can still be just as rad as ever.

Though my husband has yet to take the plunge and go under the needle, he has expressed that he would be interested in getting one someday as long at it had some type of significant tie to our son or his journey in fatherhood. As it turns out, plenty of men share his sentiment and there are many ways to honor parenthood through tattooing.

So if you're interested in getting a little ink yourself, wanting to find inspiration for your partner, or are just curious, then check out these cool tattoo ideas for dads.


Do A Doodle

The next best thing to having your child personally tattoo you is to get inked with a copy of your child's drawing.


Feel The Beat

Two children's heartbeats on either side of a heart filled with both their mom and dad's thumbprints is beyond cool.


Ink Your Inspiration

Plenty of people who continue to or have served in the military have told me that their family, specifically their children, is what keeps them driven and focused while they are away. That's what makes this tattoo of dog tags with his children's names on them so meaningful.


Get Your Guardian

This dad, whose son believes they have a "guardian ninja" protecting them, got a tattoo version of his son's illustration.


Make A Match

You already made a tiny human together, so why not get inked together, too? This tattoo which features the hand and footprint of their child along with their birth info is super cool.


Write It Down

A sweet note from your kid? It can't possibly get any more sentimental than that.


Hold Hands

Your child's hand will only fit in yours for so long. That's why capturing in tattoo form so it will last a lifetime is such a beautiful idea.


Stay Grounded

Anchors are always a good choice to represent what keeps you grounded in life. In this case, this dad expressed that his family is his anchor.


Take Flight

Angel wings plus your baby's footprints are a heavenly combination. A very touching idea for any parent.


Incorporate All Your Loves

If you have a burning passion for welding and tools, you can incorporate them into your tattoo with your children's names and birth years.


Print A Keepsake

It's customary that most hospitals will get your baby's footprint done shortly after their birth. Rather than letting that piece of paper collect dust in the back of the closet, you can put the print right on you for permanent safekeeping.


Become A Gallery

If your child is a budding artist, your body can be the very first gallery on which their work is displayed. It doesn't hurt that kids' drawings are adorable.


Simply Script It

Though getting a wrist or name tattoo is nothing new, there's a reason this placement and style have stuck around this long. The beauty of having your child's name on your inner wrist is a sweet and simple way to display your love.


Try Traditional

Not only is this style old school, but the quintessential man who had to put in physical hard work to provide for his family takes you back to a different time. Besides, who doesn't love a lumberjack dad?


Show Your Roots

This family tree tattoo, complete with the names of their kids on the branches, is a really cool idea for any dad looking to get inked.