15 Crying It Out Tweets From Parents Who Feel Your Pain

As a new parent, you learn quickly that your job doesn't allow you to punch out at 5 p.m.. But if standing guard at your baby's bedside throughout the night has you feeling cranky, you may be considering whether or not to give the cry it out method a try. If you're a social media savvy mom, then reading some crying it out tweets will show you the guilt, grief, and relief some parents feel when they don't respond immediately to their baby's cries.

According to What To Expect, by six months, babies learn to understand that crying gets them major results from their sleepy parents in the middle of the night. If you decide to let baby cry it out instead, he may get the message and learn to soothe himself to sleep within three or four nights.

But not everyone agrees. As Dr. Margot Sunderland of the Centre for Child Mental Health in London told the website Belly Belly, not responding to baby's cries can have a negative effect on how they deal with stress later in life — especially during the first year of life.

No matter which camp you fall into, remember that the decision to use the cry it out method is a personal choice, and not an easy one to make. Some days will be wonderful, and some will be downright awful, but with a little patience, you will all be sleeping soundly soon enough. In the meantime, check out some of these tweets to see exactly what you're in for.


Always Be Prepared

If you're going to sit with your children until they fall asleep, make sure you have your rations. If you can't keep up with your Instagram feed, it could end up being a long night.


It May Get Easier As Baby Gets Older

In the beginning, it may be tough not to rush to your baby's side at the sound of the first sniffle. But some moms totally get over their guilt as baby gets older.


You'll Probably Feel Guilty

You might be totally committed to letting your baby cry it out, but don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling a twinge of guilt. Even the toughest moms can feel bad about letting baby cry it out.


Everyone Is Involved

If you decide to try the cry it out method with your baby, make sure everyone in your house is on board. There are bound to be a whole lot of sleepless nights for everyone.


You May Shed A Few Tears Of Your Own

It can be tough to feel like you are ignoring your little one when he needs you. Don't be surprised if you find yourself reaching for the tissue box.


Even Grandparents Get Weak

Grandma may be giving out tough love over the phone, but even she has a soft spot in her heart for the sound of baby's cries.


There's No Crying During The Olympics

If you decide to try the cry it out method with your baby, you will find others who will support you. But whatever you do, don't let your baby cry while those supporters are trying to watch a major sporting event.


You May Want To Give In

The first few days of using the cry it out method will be a battle of wills between you and baby. If you're not careful, the little one just may come out on top.


You Can Make Time For Guilty Pleasures

Even if you don't practice cry it out with your baby all the time, it may be necessary to let your little one wail for a bit while you enjoy a little treat. A sugar high may be just what you need to get through the rest of the day.


It Was Good Enough For You

Some of us were raised on the cry it out method, even though it probably didn't have a name back then — and we live to tell about it.


The Crying Game

Your partner may not have been on board with letting baby cry it out in the beginning. But if you're living with a basketball lover, you may find they have a change of heart during playoff season.


Sometimes You Don't Have A Choice

Being a mom means multitasking. But unless you are some sort of contortionist superhero, there's no way you'll be able to soothe your baby while using your breast pump.


Some People Swear By It

Before you have children, you may think allowing your baby to cry is cruel. But once you become a parent, you may find that it's the only way to guarantee yourself a little sleep.


But Not Everyone Is Here For It

There's nothing worse than unsolicited parenting advice. So even if you've had amazing success with the cry it out method, remember, it's not for everyone. When in doubt, keep your opinions to yourself.


This Too Shall Pass

When you're in the thick of it, it may seem like the crying will never end. But like everything, it gets better.