Target Has The Cutest Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes & Now You Know

It can be surprisingly difficult to find gender-neutral baby clothing. However, if you're not finding out the sex of your new bundle of joy until they're born or you simply can't stand the overused shades of baby pink and blue, neutral options are where it's at. Luckily, Target currently has plenty of precious options. These 15 pieces are some of the best gender-neutral clothes for babies from Target, perfect for parents waiting to be surprised or ones simply fed up with the stereotypical colors of infancy.

While I personally didn't have the patience to not find out my baby's sex, I was secretly glad I could live vicariously through one of my best friends who did manage to wait. Gift shopping for her unborn baby was a fun challenge, and it made her labor and delivery even more exciting than it already was. Today her baby has this chic, understated wardrobe, while mine... well, it looks like a Pepto-Bismol bottle exploded in a laundry basket. And while that might be my style, there's no denying that a cool, neutral wardrobe can be a bit easier on the eyes.

If you're on the hunt for unisex clothing, look no further. These 15 pieces from Target are all sweet, affordable, and perfectly gender-neutral.


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